Updated 23 August 2011.

World Wide Computer Programming Contest 2011 winners are announced. The winners of the three main prizes have been notified directly via e-mail.

Meet the winners here

Consolation prize winners will be announced at the Dyalog ’11 User Conference in Boston, Massachusetts Oct 2-5 2011. The winners will be notified directly immediately after via e-mail.

Thanks to all those who participated. Remember, if you're a student you can download an educational license for Dyalog already now and start familiarising yourself with the APL programming language.

You can also find PDF documentation free for download from Lulu

Please check back again regularly to keep updated as we will run another competition in 2012.


Hear from Last Year's Winners

Ryan Tarpine

Ryan Tarpine

Watch presentations by last year's WINNER Ryan Tarpine from Boston and RUNNER-UP Mstislav Elagin, as they received their prizes at the APL2010 conference in Berlin.

Mstislav Elagin

Mstislav Elagin

Winners will be selected by the judges based on number and quality of solutions to the tasks which are described on the Contest Task Description page

Main Prizes

  • First Prize $2,500 plus Round Trip travel from anywhere in the world, to the Dyalog'11 Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, October 2-5 2011 to receive the award in person and present the work that led to winning the prize.
  • Second Prize: $1,200
  • Third Prize: $600
  • Consolation prizes: Twenty consolation prizes each $100 to be drawn at random from submissions which solve at least 2 of the 20 problems (each contestant having a number of "lottery tickets" equal to the number of problems correctly solved).

NOTE: All prize winners must be students (in full time education) who qualify for a free Dyalog Educational Licence. If you do not already have a Dyalog Educational Licence you can apply for one here.

Non-students are free to make submissions, but they do not qualify for winning prizes. However, they can qualify for Introduction Awards (see below).

Total prize money: $6,300

Introduction Awards - You win the cash that they win!

Even if you do not wish to participate in the programming contest, tell all your friends and ask them to tell their friends and you may still win a prize.

If you referred one or more of the prize winners then you will receive the same amount of cash as they do. You need not be a student and you need not even submit an entry yourself. You may win more than once. For example, if you introduced the second prize winner and three consolation prize winners, you would receive $1,500. If you were the student who won third prize and you also introduced the second prize winner, then you would receive $1,800 even though you only won $600 "yourself".

You may elect to have your winnings donated to an institution of your choice.

NOTE: If winners do not indicate at the time of their submission who introduced them, the matching Introduction Awards are forfeit, and will be used as prize money in future Dyalog Programming Contests.

Total introduction award money: $6,300

Deadline for submission

12:00 UTC (Noon), Sunday August 14, 2011

Announcement of Main Prize Winners

Monday August 22, 2011. The winners of the three main prizes will be notified directly via e-mail and their names will be posted on our website.

Other Prize Winners

The 20 consolation prize winners as well as introduction award winners will be announced at the Dyalog'11 Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, 2-5 October, 2011, will receive direct notification via e-mail, and will be named on our website after the conference.

Purpose of the contest

To promote the investigation and understanding of the computer language APL (A Programming Language).


This contest is run and sponsored by APL programmers who owe their careers (and a good deal of pleasure) to their work in the language. They hope you find that exposure to APL broadens your horizons and tickles your fancy.

Specifically we would like to thank the following for making this contest possible:

visit the Fiserv website APL Italia Simcorp Return to the home page of Dyalog.com

as well as several individuals and companies who have chosen to remain anonymous.


Headed by Brian Becker, our panel of judges are some of the most experienced APL programmers in the world. Between them, they have spent decades solving complex programming issues using APL and they all claim that they're "hooked on APL". They continue to spend hours each day enjoying working with what they feel is be best programming language in the world for building dynamic, analytical applications.

We would like to take this opportunity thank them all in advance for the time and effort they are putting into judging the submission in this contest.

Submission and Communication

Only e-mail communications are accepted - please email contest2011@dyalog.com. Please do not call or write to other e-mail addresses. You can, however, post questions and obtain additional information via the Facebook group Dyalog Programming Contest, or the dyalogapl Twitter channel. Further details on submission of your entry can be found on our Contest Questions & Answers page.

What now?

Before you start solving the problems we strongly recommend that you read the Q&A which will provide you with more details about the contest rules as well as other information which might be helpful. The following links will be useful for you.

Contest Task Descriptions

Questions & Answers

Sample submissions

Terms & Conditions

  • There is no requirement to make any purchases in association with entering this contest. If you qualify to compete you also qualify for a free educational licence of Dyalog's Developer Suite. (Commercial licence fee value in excess of $1,000/year).
  • This programming contest is open to everyone (except contest organisers and employees of Dyalog Ltd.).
  • To be eligible for any of the prizes other than referral awards, you must meet the criteria for a free Dyalog Educational Licence and be a full time student.
  • JUDGES DETERMINATIONS ARE FINAL and can not be contested under any circumstances.
  • Only one submission per person. Submissions must be in the form of a single UTF-8 text file containing the source of your solutions, in the format illustrated on the sample submissions page. We will accept any file that can be loaded and run by Dyalog Version 12.0 or later. Students may develop their solutions in any version of APL they wish, so long as the submission meets the above criteria.
  • All prizes are denominated in U.S. Dollars
  • The winner of the first prize will also win a Round Trip travel from anywhere in the world to attend the Dyalog'11 Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, October 2-5, 2011. Hence the first prize winner is expected to travel to Boston to participate in the Dyalog'11 Conference, present their work, as well as receive their prize money during the conference. If the first prize winner is unable to travel to the conference this portion of the prize can not be converted to cash or anything else and this portion of the prize will then be deemed null and void.
  • If the submission is the result of collaboration between people, the submission must still be by a single individual and only that one individual will be awarded a prize. If the winners choose to share their winnings with other people, they must make their own arrangements. The winner may choose to send a collaborator in their place to accept the prize in Boston, however that person is expected to be able to competently present the work.
  • At their absolute discretion the Judges may decide to award the grand prize to an alternative person if the winner cannot be contacted after reasonable attempts to do so have failed.
  • The winner of the grand prize may be required to participate in unpaid, reasonable publicity relating to or in connection with this contest. Dyalog shall have the right to publish all submitted materials for promotional purposes.
  • This contest is void where prohibited or restricted by law.

We are looking forward to receiving your submission.

- Good luck!!



Questions and Answers

Task Descriptions

Sample and Downloads