Download an Unregistered Copy of Dyalog

I understand this licence is subject to the conditions described in the full licence agreement. In addition:

  • I will not make unauthorised copies of the software.
  • I will not give the software to anyone else.
  • I will not use the software for commercial purposes.
  • I will only use the Syncfusion libraries in applications where Dyalog is a core component.



  • Only the 32-bit Unicode edition for the Microsoft Windows operating system (32-bit and 64-bit) is available for unregistered download. Other variants might be made available in future; if you are interested, then please e-mail us.
  • This version is functionally identical to Dyalog version 14.0 but with the addition of a pop-up box that appears at the start and end of each session and at irregular intervals during the life of that session. To remove these pop-ups, you will have to apply for a registered version of Dyalog, uninstall this unregistered version and install a registered version instead.
  • This download is approximately 115 MB.