User commands dialog display problem

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User commands dialog display problem

Postby Phil Last on Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:40 pm

Using the Options - Configure - User Commands dialog I can add new folders for SALT to scan for .dyalog files defining user commands. When I do this all the folders are neatly displayed in the list below the edit window each time I return to the dialog.

I can also add them using any of:
      ⎕SE.SALT.Settings 'cmddir ...'
⎕SE.UCMD 'settings cmddir ...'
]settings cmddir ...
In these three cases I can retrieve the existing folders:
      'settings cmddir'
as a ';' separated string and catenate my addition before reestablishing the entire existing list with:
      'settings cmddir ',string,';',newfolder
Or I can use a shorthand using a comma as in:
      'settings cmddir ,newfolder'
which catenates the addition without overwriting the previous list.

I can also add a modifier -permanent which means that my changes are retained for further sessions - without it they are for this session only.

In any of these cases what I seem to get back the next time I run the command is a '∘' separated string.

And using the dialog again displays the whole lot in one line as that '∘' separated string instead of the neat list we started with.

Is there any way we can use the programmatic interface - ⎕SE.SALT.Settings, ⎕SE.UCMD'settings' or ]settings and not permanently ruin the output in the dialog?

I'm not about to start fishing into the code that runs all this but my guess is that somewhere there's a mismatch caused by permitting alternative separators or historically changing the separator from ';' to '∘' and the display is still looking for ';'s while the program interface has changed them to '∘'s. Only a guess.
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