Dyalog APL for Biomedical Engineering

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Dyalog APL for Biomedical Engineering

Postby mario.sacco on Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:39 am

After years of using APL within the Financial Math domain this time is over, now is the time to change. Looking for a new place where I can cultivate my loved APL I'm recently collaborating with a team of young Biomedical Engineers. This represents to me a way to use my personal time being also useful for people with physical problems or to help to improve biomedical diagnostic equipment.

For this reason I'm looking with curiosity at the Dyalog APL for Raspberry Pi and at the moment I'm reading/studying about it.

I'm very new on this subject, so I'd ask this community if Dyalog have or had experiences in this domain and/or, more in general, if this application domain can "sound" interesting for Dyalog.

Any advice/suggestion from you is very welcome.
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