Licence Terms and Conditions

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Developer Licence

for the professional developer

A Developer Licence allows a single user to run the Dyalog development environment as a tool for application development, a personal productivity tool and a platform for running applications developed in Dyalog.

Developer Licences are provided on an annual fee basis and include DSS membership.

Run Time Licences

for the deployment of applications

In addition to a current Developer Licence, a Run Time Licence is necessary if either of the following conditions are met:

  • Dyalog is used to implement multi-user applications (multi-user applications are defined as applications where the same data is shared by or exchanged between two or more users).
  • Dyalog is used as a platform for applications that are distributed outside the organisation which holds the Developer Licence – whether or not the developer charges a fee for the application and irrespective of whether the application is single or multi-user.

NOTE: If Dyalog is used to develop educational tools or applications sold to not-for-profit environments, then an appropriate low cost Run Time Licence can be negotiated with Dyalog Ltd.

Server/Processor Run Time Licence

for sharing applications

When several users use one or more applications on a shared server, a Server Licence is required. Examples of this are applications that are running under Citrix or similar platforms, in the cloud, Web Servers, servers using Distributed COM or other transactional platforms. The minimum server configuration is for 20 users.

Server Licences are inclusive of all necessary Run Time Licences. If, for example, an application allows 20 desktop users to share data on the server, a Server Licence for 20 users includes all relevant fees for desktop users and server.

For Facility Management Applications, where an organisation is running a service on behalf of several client organisations, appropriate Server Licences are required for each distinct customer organisation.

Server Run Time Licences are priced on a per user basis, but can also be licensed by processor/core, where the price is based on the number of cores in the server irrespective of how many cores are utilised to run the Dyalog-based application. This option is particularly suitable for lightweight applications with a large number of users or for parallel computing/processing (including parallel computing in the cloud).

Royalty-Based Run Time Licences

for the exploration of new markets

For holders of a Dyalog Developer Licence, Dyalog Ltd offers an alternative royalty-based run time fee. The royalty is calculated as 2% of all revenue generated by sales, consulting and support of applications developed using Dyalog and is invoiced annually in arrears.

The royalty covers all required Run Time Licences for users of services or software delivered by the Royalty-Based Licence holder. In addition, the royalty covers support and upgrades for the licence holder. The licence requires a current Developer Licence and includes access to all Dyalog development environments.

This is the preferred option for start-ups and for vendors who need freedom when pricing their products. It is also ideal for consultancies and software vendors who need to be up-to-date with Dyalog versions and platforms. Dyalog Ltd has developed this model in appreciation of the fact that business development requires sophisticated tools – often before the revenue stream is secured.

Shrink-Wrapped/Single User Run Time Licence

for off-the-shelf solutions

This type of Run Time Licence is for applications with multiples of single users who obtain their application through Shrink-Wrapped Licences. They can be acquired in bundles and are one-time fees that must be renewed with each new release of Dyalog.

Dyalog File Server (DFS) Licences

for data sharing

The Dyalog File Server (DFS) Licence allows users to share data over networks through a component file system known as the Dyalog Component File system (DCF). This is a storage mechanism for APL arrays. Component files give users the flexibility to create a wide variety of data storage mechanisms.

The Dyalog File Server offers users a variety of advantages within the realms of security, performance, operations and recovery and Dyalog File Server Licences also include Run Time Licences.

Personal Non-Commercial Licence

for the APL enthusiast

A Personal Non-commercial Licence allows APL users to have a copy of the latest Dyalog technology for personal use and experimentation. The licence is intended for use on a single computer, as a personal productivity tool in a non-commercial environment. This licence must not be used to perform or provide any kind of service or application to a third party, whether or not the licensee is paid for his or her services.

Users with Dyalog for Microsoft Windows licences can join the Dyalog Support Service (DSS), which offers users support, maintenance and upgrades.

Educational Licence

for the student

Dyalog Ltd offers a free Educational Licence to students at all levels of education. The licence is restricted solely to educational purposes and each user is required to sign an agreement where they guarantee that:

  • the Software will not be copied
  • the Software will not be handed over to anyone else
  • the Software will not be used for commercial purposes

Dyalog Ltd can request a short report from the licence holder explaining his/her usage of the software, including experiences (good and bad).

In cases where the licence is granted to a University or School, the licence holder is responsible for making their students aware of the conditions.