Prices and Conditions

Developer Licences

A developer licence allows a single user to run the Dyalog development environment on a single computer, as a tool for application development; as personal productivity tool, and as a platform for running applications developed in Dyalog

Developer licences are provided on an annual fee basis and includes DSS+ for Windows versions, and support and upgrades for UNIX and LINUX version.

Developer Licences Pricing

Windows Licences
Annual Licence fee
Developer 32 Bit inclusive of DSS+ £850
Developer 64 Bit inclusive of DSS+ and 32 bit version £1275

Linux Licences Annual Licence fee
Developer 32 Bit inclusive of DSS+ £850
Developer 64 Bit inclusive of DSS+ and 32 bit version £1275

Unix Licences
Annual Licence fee
Developer 32 Bit inclusive of DSS+ £1250
Developer 64 Bit inclusive of DSS+ and 32 bit version £1875


Run Time Licences

When applications developed in Dyalog are distributed to other users or machines than those for which developer licences have been acquired, a Run Time Licence is required. The Run Time Licence is free of charge for stand alone single user applications. Run Time Licences are not free under the following circumstances:

arrow When Dyalog is used to implement multi user applications. Multi user applications are defined as applications where the same data is shared by or exchanged between two or more users
arrow When Dyalog is used as a platform for applications which are distributed outside the organization which holds the Dyalog Developer Licence – whether or not the developer charges a fee for the application, and regardless of whether the application is single or multi user.

Single User Run Time Licences

Single User Run Time fees are one time Fees and must be renewed with each new release of Dyalog. This type of Run Time Licence is suitable for shrink wrapped applications.

Single User Run Time Licences Bundle of 5 Bundle of 10 Bundle of 25 Bundle of 50 Bundle of 100
Windows 32 bit £250 £475 £1125 £2000 £3750

Server Run Time Licences

When several users use one or more applications on a shared server, a Server Licence is required. Examples of this are applications running under Citrix, Windows terminal Server and similar platforms, Web Servers, or servers using Distributed COM or other transactional platforms. The minimum server configuration is for 20 simultaneous users.

Server licences are inclusive of all necessary Run Time Licences. If, for example, an application allows 20 desktop users to share data on the server, a server licence for 20 users includes all relevant fees for desktop users and server.

For Facility Management Applications, where an organisation is running a service on behalf of several client organisations, appropriate Server Licences are required for each distinct customer organisation.

Server Run Time Licence Fees Annual Licence Fee
Server 32 Bit 20 users £750
Server 32 Bit 50 users £1500
Server 32 Bit 100 users £2500
Server 32 Bit 250 users £4000
Server 32 Bit 500 users £6500
Server 32 Bit 500+ users Contact Dyalog

Server 64 Bit 20 users £1125
Server 64 Bit 50 users £2250
Server 64 Bit 100 users £3750
Server 64 Bit 250 users £6000
Server 64 Bit 500 users £9750
Server 64 Bit 500+ users Contact Dyalog

Server Run Time Licences can also be licenced per processor - see below.

Processor Run Time Licences

Server Licences can be acquired on a per processor basis. This option is particularly suitable for light weight applications with a large number of users.

Processor Run Time Licences
Annual Licence fee
32 Bit Per Processor available to Dyalog APL
64 Bit Per Processor available to Dyalog APL

Royalty Based Run Time Licences

For licence holders of Windows Developer licences (32 bit or 64 bit) Dyalog offers an alternative royalty based run time fee. The royalty is calculated as 2% of all revenue generated by sales, consulting and support of applications developed using Dyalog. The royalty is invoiced yearly in arrears.

The royalty covers all required run time licences for users of services or software delivered by the royalty licence holder. In addition the royalty covers support and upgrades for the licence holder.

This option is ideal for consultancies and software vendors who need to be up-to-date on Dyalog versions and platforms. Dyalog has developed this model in appreciation of the fact that business development requires sophisticated tools – often before the revenue stream is secured.

Note that, in situations where APL is used to develop educational tools or applications used in not-for-profit environments the royalty based run time licence is also a viable option.

Educational Licences

Dyalog offers a free Educational Licence to students at all levels of education. The Licence is restricted solely to educational purposes and each user is required to sign an agreement where they guarantee that:

arrow The Software will not be copied
arrow The Software will not be handed over to anyone else
arrow The Software will not be used for commercial purposes
arrow The Licence holder will send Dyalog a short report each year explaining his/her usage of the software including experiences, good and bad.

In cases where the licence is granted to a University or School the Licence holder is responsible for making their students aware of the conditions.

Personal Non-Commercial Licences

Non-commercial licences allow APL users to have a copy of the latest APL technology for personal use and experimentation. The licence may not be used to perform or provide any kind of service or application to a third party, whether or not the licencee is paid for his or her services.

Licence Fee
DSS+ Annual
Personal Non-Commercial Licence 32 bit
£50 £150
Educational Licence
Free N/A
Pocket Dyalog is priced at £25.00 and can be purchased here. £25 N/A

Licence Fee
DSS+ Annual
Personal Non-Commercial Licence 32 bit
£50 £150
Educational Licence
Free N/A

Pocket PC -available through Handango  change to à  Pocket Dyalog is priced at £25.00; and can be purchased here.

Dyalog Support Service Plus - DSS+

DSS+ subscription entitles a holder of a Dyalog for Windows Developer Licence to ongoing online support including bug fixes and interim releases of product enhancements. The DSS+ area is a password protected section of the Dyalog web site, where the user can find information about, and download fixes and new product features. In addition DSS+ subscription entitles a holder of a Developer Licence to free upgrades when new versions of Dyalog are released. Note: All new Dyalog Windows licences include DSS+.

For Existing Perpetual Licences the Following Applies:

Windows Dyalog Support Service Plus
Annual DSS+ Fee
Developer Licences 32 bit £575
Developer Licences 64 bit £865

1 Release (13.0 - 13.1) 2 Releases (12.1 - 13.1) 3 or more Releases
Windows £500 £700 £1000
Linux £500 £700 £1000
Unix £750 £1050 £1500

Premium for upgrade from 32 Bit to 64 Bit:  + £ 450

Licence Agreements

arrow View Developer License Agreement in HTML
arrow Download Developer Licence in PDF
arrow View Run-Time Licence Agreement in HTML
arrow Download Run-Time Licence Agreement in PDF
arrow View Educational Licence Agreement in HTML
arrow Download Educational Licence Agreement in PDF
arrow View Personal Non-Commercial Licence Agreements in HTML
arrow Download Personal Non-Commercial Licence Agreement in PDF
arrow Download Dyalog's Prices and Conditions in PDF


Dyalog Services


As a general rule, Dyalog does not offer application development consultancy as part of our services. We work with a network of qualified consultants who offer these services and are happy to connect our customers to one of our consulting partners. Where relevant, we can provide architecture review and quality assurance services in connection with projects performed by a partner – see Senior Consultancy below.

Directed Development

Dyalog offers customer specific development of new features for Dyalog and related products. Development requests will be evaluated with regards to general applicability and appliance to Dyalog’s long term strategy for product development and direction.

When a request for enhancement is approved, Dyalog will forward a time estimate to the customer. In some cases more than one customer can act as sponsor for a particular enhancement and the cost will then be split between the sponsors according to agreement between the parties.

Developer Days are available on demand (subject to availability of Dyalog resource), or according to an annual schedule.

Senior Consultancy

Dyalog offers performance and architecture reviews of existing and proposed applications and trouble shooting with respect to specific problems, especially platform migrations. Services are offered at a daily rate or on an ‘agreed result’ basis.


Dyalog offers a full, or part system, audit to customers. A system audit can be general or targeted at specific areas such as

arrow performance
arrow utilisation of Dyalog
arrow development processes

A System Audit is always concluded in a full report of the findings and recommendations. The report will also include a section on possible candidates for enhancements of Dyalog, as identified during the audit.

The price and duration of an audit is negotiated on a per case basis and depends on the scope of the audit.


Dyalog offers training courses on new (and old) features and functionality of Dyalog. Series of courses are offered in different geographical regions on a demand basis. Courses will be advertised on the Dyalog website and through Dyalog partners.

In addition to the publicly offered courses customers have the option to request a particular course conducted in-house.

If you have a particular educational requirement please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Commercial Services

Many of our customers provide high value and mission critical software applications to their customers. Such applications are delivered under strict Quality Assurance and with high Service Level obligations towards the customers.

Dyalog provides a number of services designated to help our customers better meet their obligations. These services can be combined to suit each customers need and require a special contract outlining the conditions.

Support for a Specific Release

Dyalog customers can appoint one or more specific builds of Dyalog as their production versions. If problems occur with these builds the customer can request a fix or enhancement for that particular build without having to download and install all previous fixes.

Service Level Agreement

Dyalog offers contractually guaranteed levels of service to match Dyalog customer’s obligations towards their respective customers. This service includes guaranteed response times and problem analysis and solution(s).

Mirrored Application

Dyalog offers to host or monitor a live copy of customer application(s) for immediate problem reproduction and tracking. This option is particularly useful where remote access to the customer environment poses a problem.

Services Pricing

Consultancy Services Cost
Directed Development per day £1000
Senior Consultancy per day £1500
Customer System Audit per day £2000

Training Services Cost
On-site training per day (travel and accommodation not included) £1500
Announced Courses per person/day £400

Bespoke support for Commercial Systems Cost
Service level agreement on support Contact Dyalog
Support for specific software release/build Contact Dyalog
Additional builds Contact Dyalog
Mirroring of applications at Dyalog Contact Dyalog
Escrow agreement Contact Dyalog

You can view Dyalog's Pricing and Conditions in PDF here.

Please contact Dyalog for more information on our services.



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