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Download the Unregistered version of Dyalog APL


I understand this licence is subject to the conditions described in the licence terms

  • I will not make unauthorised copies of the software
  • I will not give the software to anyone else
  • I will not use the software for commercial purposes


  • Currently only the 32 bit Unicode edition for 32 and 64 bit Windows is available with an unregistered licence. Other versions may be made available in future. If you are interested, please contact sales@dyalog.com
  • This version is functionally identical to Dyalog APL V13.0, but with the addition of a pop-up box which appears at the start of a session, when you close the session, and at irregular intervals during the life of the session
  • To remove the pop-ups, you will have to apply for a registered version of Dyalog APL, and then uninstall this unregistered version and install a registered version in its place - well, we would rather you registered in the first place, so we want to make that route preferable :-)
  • The download is approximately 73MB