Dyalog APL Version 13.2 Highlights

Dyalog is pleased to announce the general availability of Dyalog APL Version 13.2. If you are a DSS+ subscriber or have a licence that entitles you to upgrades, you can download Version 13.2 32 bit for Windows directly from the DSS area of our website: for 64 bit Windows versions and for versions for Linux, AIX and other platforms please contact Dyalog.

A brief summary of new features follows below. For detailed information about the new release, see:



Key Features in Version 13.2

Array Editor
Version 13.2 Unicode Edition includes the Array Editor which allows you to edit arbitrary arrays, including nested arrays. In the Unicode Edition the icon in the Session now invokes the Array Editor rather than the numeric editor which was provided in previous Versions. The Classic Edition continues to use the numeric editor.

The Array Editor allows you to edit arbitrary arrays. It is invoked by:

  • Clicking the icon in the Session toolbar when the mouse pointer is over the name of a suitable variable.
  • Calling the User Command ]aedit, specifying the name of a suitable variable as its argument.
  • Calling it directly via ⎕NA.

The Array Editor draws data using a format that is similar to the output of the DISPLAY function. For example:


The Array Editor supports arrays that consist solely of characters and/or numbers. The Array Editor has a link to its own help file which includes details of how to use the Array Editor, including the keystrokes which it uses.  The Array Editor can be called by your own applications.

Conga 2.3
Version 13.2 includes Conga 2.3 which provides support for Integrated Windows Authentication, allowing Conga-based servers to determine the identity of the user currently logged in on a client machine.

From v13.2, the ODBC interface known as SQAPL is bundled with the Linux Unicode versions, in addition to all Windows versions of Dyalog APL. This allows access to SQL databases with drivers which are based on the unixODBC driver manager, without the purchase of additional components. Dyalog continues to supply SQAPL and Progress DataDirect SQL drivers separately from APL on the platforms where bundled ODBC support is not provided.


General Enhancements and Improvements - summary

Performance Improvements 

  • Reduction Operator - The performance of certain reductions on non-vector numeric arrays has been improved. +/, ×/, ⌈/, and ⌊/ on floating point numbers are faster by a factor of 6, while +⌿, ×⌿, ⌈⌿, and ⌊⌿ are faster by a factor of 2. In addition, ⌈/ and ⌊/ are faster by the same factors on other numeric types, and likewise ⌈⌿ and ⌊⌿.
  • Scan Operator - The time taken for ≤\, >\, ≥\, ⍱\, and ⍲\ has reduced from order n2 to order n, where n is the length of the argument.
  • A number of miscellaneous performance improvements - the performance of a number of expressions, which mostly involve operations on Boolean arrays, has been improved. More details can be found in the Release Notes.
  • Search and Replace, Pick in Selective Assignment, Stranding of Arrays and Account name have also been speeded up.

Version 13.2 also includes new Extensions to Selective Assignment, which is now believed to support all selective assignment operations supported by other APL systems.

New GUI Features
Version 13.2 includes a number of extensions to the built-in Windows GUI framework, adding support for a number of recently added Windows GUI widgets.

  • New ButtonEdit Object.
  • New CommandLink and Split Button Styles.
  • Cue Property for the Edit and ButtonEdit Objects.
  • ShowBalloonTip Method for the SysTrayItem Object.
  • HeaderImageList, HeaderImageIndex, ReportImageIndex, and ReportBCol properties for the ListView object. See "ListView Enhancements" In the Release Notes.
  • SelectionColor, SelectionColorAlpha, SelectionBorderWidth, RowHiddenDepth and HighLightHeaders properties for the Grid object.
  • ButtonsAcceptFocus property for the ToolControl object.
  • PageSize property for the Form, SubForm and Scroll objects.
  • HThumbDrag and VThumbDrag events for the Form and SubForm objects.
  • In previous Versions of Dyalog APL, a manifest file was required to enable Native Look and Feel. This is no longer needed.

Full details of the new features can be found in the Release Notes, which you can download from here.  For help files click here.


General Notes:

  • Traditionally Dyalog supports the current and 2 previous releases. However, Dyalog has decided to extend support for Version 12.1 until the release of Version 14.0 (currently planned for the spring of 2014), at which point both 12.1 and 13.0 will be retired from support.
  • From Version 13.2 Dyalog will no longer be offering print-on-demand manuals via Lulu.com. Version 13.2 Manuals will continue to be available as downloads from the Dyalog website under Documentation Library.
  • Print–on-demand manuals for previous versions will continue to be available at Lulu.com.
  • Upgrade prices remain unchanged since 2006.




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