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Kai Jaeger, trading as APL Team Ltd, offers consultancy and training for Dyalog APL.

Kai first encountered APL in 1980 when he decided to change career and become a freelance IT Consultant. Since then he has worked for 10 really big companies, 3 mid-sized ones and a number of small ones.

From 1980 until the early nineties he worked with IBM implementations of APL: APLSV, VSAPL and finally APL2. He then started using Dyalog in 1991, first under AIX and then, in 1996, under Microsoft Windows.

In 1993 he became a Dyalog distributor for Germany.

Kai has worked with Dyalog Ltd for many years, helping to improve the product.

The APL wiki was created by Kai, and he remains its administrator and one of the main contributors.

Kai invented the APLTree project, an open source project that provides ready-to-use classes for many everyday tasks any APL programmer is likely to come across. He has also invented many utilities, in particular FiRe (which stands for "Find and Replace").

Kai has given presentations and held workshops at numerous Dyalog user meetings.