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(20) Serving Lunch with Dyalog APL

Tommy Johannessen
Jersie Data ApS

The application is used by 25,000 school children and their parents for ordering and payment of school lunches. The lunches are produced in 25 kitchens in different geographical locations all over Denmark.

Each kitchen has its own set-up and menu, and the application caters for the design, creation and running of individual kitchen websites.

The application further handles catering for businesses as well as meals-on-wheels programmes for pensioners. It is possible to order fast-food as well as cater for special dietary requirements and one off events such as children's birthday parties at the local swimming pool.

In order to stay in sync with the users the application also offers an online survey facility.

Access to the application is through a standard web browser, from PDA's and smart phones. Users also have the option of sending a text message from their mobiles.

The presentation will focus on how this success story started and demo the various aspects of the application.

We will hear about the challenges encountered along the way, look at IIS settings, memory leak, trap settings, sessions and user behaviour.

The technical aspects will focus on how we created the .aspx files, the file structure, backup procedures, communication between the servers and the call structure.