Living Sydney Exhibition

This exhibition is open to artists who have lived in, or are living in, or have a connection with Sydney. There are no other conditions. We expect submissions to be exciting, contemporary artwork.

Sydney is a city of the southern hemisphere and a multicultural city. It was born in the late 18th century from the British colonial situation but in the 20th century has received a lot of immigrants from around the world. Today it is a world city. However it is young compared to other multicultural cities.

Is there true Australian art?

I am confident that the Australian art scene will become increasingly independent, creative and alternative. Australian art doesn’t come just from Australians but also from the global artistic community, inspired by Australia.

We want to develop the possibilities of contemporary Australian art, so we are searching for new artists at Crossbay Gallery in Potts Point, Sydney.

Curator Y. Fukada

phone: +61+(0)2 9361 5758 fax: +61+(0)2 9358 4137
Suite 1, 1A Elizabeth Bay Rd, Elizabeth Bay NSW 2011 Australia

Exhibition Sponsored by IF PROJECTS