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15r4              rational constants
⎕rat  (not implemented in the Conference Edition)
   1 if rational numbers allowed; 0 if not
x  ( ⎕q in the ConfEd)
   Convert ordinary numbers to rationals
   Convert rationals to ordinary numbers
   Convert string to rationals
⎕ratpp  ( 11004⌶n in the ConfEd)
   If =0, use r notation in display
   If ≠0, # digits of precision in display
  ( ⎕p in the ConfEd)
⍭n  n-th prime
¯1⍭n  # of primes < n (≤n if ⎕io←1)
0⍭n  Is n composite?
1⍭n  Is n prime?
2⍭n  Factorization of n (primes and exponents)
3⍭n  Prime factorization of n
4⍭n  The next prime > n
¯4⍭n  The previous prime < n
10⍭m,n  Sieve for m, …, n-1

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