APL Seeds '21 was held online on 31 March 2021

Programme (PDF) Materials Presentation Videos

APL Seeds events are aimed at those just starting their APL journey. They provide a brief overview of APL, an introduction to the resources that are available to help develop your knowledge, and a demonstration of some real-world applications of this powerful language.

Dyalog Presentations

D01: Welcome to APL Seeds '21 summary | slides – GC (PDF) | slides – RP (PDF) | video (23 mins)
Gitte Christensen & Richard Park

Dyalog Ltd's CEO opens the user meeting and offers some perspective from her experience, before Richard talks about the APL community and the resources available to those just getting started.

D02: Will You Play APL With Me? summary | Jupyter Notebook in TryAPL | Jupyter Notebook in GitHub | video (45 mins)
Rodrigo Girão Serrão

Rodrigo showcases some of the interesting features and quirks of APL, like its affinity for mathematics, its ability to deal with large data sets, and its array-oriented programming style. After this session you should have a general idea of APL's capabilities and the potential it offers you, and hopefully you'll feel an urge to learn some more – either because you got hooked (like Rodrigo did!) or simply because you want to learn how to think in an array-oriented way, which is very relevant in many situations today, for example, when working with GPUs.

User Presentations

U01: How an APL Prototype Helped Designing a Service summary | slides (PDF) | video (41 mins)
Martin Janiczek, GWI (Czech Republic)

A service to be rewritten, with a bus factor of almost 0, and a tale of making sense of it and finding a performant future design using Dyalog APL.

U02: Algorithms as a Tool of Thought summary | slides (PDF) | GitHub repository | video (45 mins)
Conor Hoekstra, NVIDIA (Canada)

Kenneth Iverson won the Turing Award in 1979 for his work on APL. His 1979 Turing Award Lecture "Notation as a Tool of Thought" could just as easily been called "Algorithms as a Tool of Thought." In this talk, Conor explains why he believes this by showing how APL teaches you to think differently about solving problems.

U03: Simulation and Gaming with APL summary | setup instructions | Demo 32-bit interpreter | materials (zip) | video (66 mins)
Tomas Gustafsson, Stormwind Ab Oy (Finland)

Tomas takes you through the API of a 3D-engine and shows you how to connect to it from APL, enabling you to create a simple scene with graphics objects moving in real-time. He also explores some of the more advanced rendering techniques.

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