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Dyalog APL Version 14.0 enters Beta phase.

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Meet the winners of the 2013 Programming contest here.

And see the  Video of the Winning entry presentation here

Winner of the poster competition announced

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Dyalog Announces Agreement with Syncfusion Inc

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Dyalog APL Version 13.2 is now available and supported for Raspberry Pi Models A and B, running Debian-based operating systems.

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Free download of Dyalog APL
Version 13.2 for Raspberry Pi.

The Spring issue of Dyalogue 2013 is now available.

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Dyalog is pleased to announce the general availability of Version 13.2.

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Investigate and/or download the acclaimed and comprehensive Tutorial ‘Mastering Dyalog APL’
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You can download Dyalog APL here

Dyalog now offers a Fully
Verified Escrow arrangement

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Learn APL - a new initiative from Dyalog and Optima - click here to view more details - opens pdf



Dyalog Limited - driving 21st century software development

Dyalog - the most widely used APL development platform available - is used in research and business applications where it is important to integrate domain experts in the software development process. Dyalog allows rapid prototyping of both simple and complex processes, and is especially strong where solutions have an analytical or mathematical component. Without recoding, these solutions can be used to power secure, high performance solutions with thousands of simultaneous users.

Today Dyalog is in daily use in many major corporations throughout the world. It is constantly being developed and enhanced to meet user requirements.

We're keen to expand the community of Dyalog software programmers and help new-comers get started. If you're a student why not have a look at our download zone - where you can apply for a free of charge license.

If you are already a software developer - or considering becoming one - and have an idea that Dyalog might be able to meet some of your current programming requirements - have a look at our download zone where you can apply for a personal, non-commercial license for a small fee.

Recent releases of Dyalog have added very significant new functionality, including object oriented programming, Unicode support, a product suite for graphics and reporting as well as support for XML, multi-core CPUsand other performance enhancements, as well as regular expressions and very large arrays. For more information, follow these links: Version 13.2, Version 13.1, Version 13.0, Version 12.1.

Dyalog is fully compliant with the ISO 8485 standard for APL. In addition, the product has many enhancements and innovative features that make it an outstanding fully Integrated Development Environment - not least for complex Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications.

Dyalog is available for 32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows Mobile 5 & 6, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris and Linux. Please check the appropriate Release Notes or contact Dyalog for more details of which versions of Dyalog APL are available for which operating system versions.




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