Orchard Group developers can assist you by joining your project team or as turnkey developers managing the whole development process.

APL Borealis

APL Borealis is Canada’s leading supplier of APL software products, services, training and support. We provide APL consulting services, APL product distribution and offer extensive APL training resources for all platforms and skill levels.

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Dick Bowman

Independent consultant specialising in APL development for more than 25 years. Business experience in finance, insurance, energy, airline and environmental applications. Technical areas covered include business analysis, system design, programming, documentation, training. Computing environments from PC to mainframe, context from inhouse corporate development to entrepreneurial software houses.


Kimmo Kekäläinen

Over 25 years experience in APL based application development and data management. I have specialized in data warehousing and provide tools for reading and consolidating data in operational databases, reporting systems, OLAPs, ad-hoc analyses etc. based on a generalised modular approach. My solutions have been implemented and used both in Finnish public section and large private companies.

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Lambent Technology

Stephen Taylor has been developing for the financial-services industry since 1976. Experience in web design, typesetting, document production and XML workflows.

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Optima Systems

Optima Systems Ltd was launched in 1990 and currently employs 10 staff plus a number of contractors. The company has been working in many business areas and expertise covers programming, network installation, training and CRM deployment. The customer base covers both large and small enterprises all over the UK, USA and Europe.

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