The Orchard Group conducts training courses around the world in the array-programming languages and in using them for developing software.

Functional programming in Dyalog

A 2-day introduction to the Dyalog language covering basic techniques of array programming including the use of anonymous functions and operators to transform collections. Programming experience not required.

Object-oriented programming in Dyalog

A 2-day introduction to object-oriented features of Dyalog including classes, instances, interfaces, fields, properties and methods. Requires prior experience of writing in Dyalog.

Building object-oriented applications in Dyalog

A 3-day course in constructing a new application using Dyalog’s OO features, including how to combine array and OO techniques, and deriving classes from both Dyalog GUI objects and .Net assemblies.

GUI Masterclass

Dyalog’s native GUI objects allow sophisticated GUIs to be developed without specialist tools. A 2-day course requiring prior experience in writing Dyalog.

Extreme Programming

The array languages have a long tradition of agile development with fast feedback cycles, incremental development and close involvement of domain experts. This 2-day course shows how to follow Extreme Programming practices using Dyalog tools.


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