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Dyalog '22: Olhão, 9-13 October 2022

Join us in Olhão, Sunday 9 - Thursday 13 October 2022 for Dyalog '22, the annual opportunity for APL users to exchange experience, update their technical knowledge through product training and workshops and influence Dyalog Ltd's direction through discussions with the Dyalog Development Team.

Additional information will be added to these pages as it becomes available.


The first in-person user meeting since Dyalog ’19 will follow the familiar structure of one-and-a-half days of workshops and three days of presentations. The workshops have already been announced, and details of confirmed presentations will start to be added to these pages within the next few weeks.

As usual, nearly everyone who works for Dyalog will be present in Olhão, to make presentations and to connect with you! Most Dyalog presentations will focus on features that have either recently been added to Dyalog APL, or are being considered for upcoming versions. After a relatively quiet period without significant new language features, we plan to break new ground in the next few releases, with support for new hardware platforms (64-bit ARM chips on the Apple Mac and in the cloud), new software platforms (.NET 6 and beyond), and some ideas that might unify the way we can express asynchronous work and bring APL threads, isolates and "Async" methods of external libraries together under a common framework.

As well as hearing news about upcoming features, attendees can look forward to meeting several new Dyalog team members who will be attending a full Dyalog user meeting for the first time. Several of them will be giving presentations, and all of them will be there to listen to you.

In addition to presentations from the Dyalog team, we are grateful that several of our users have offered to share their experiences with us and to make suggestions for things that they think we (both Dyalog and users of Dyalog APL) might want to investigate to make the use of APL more productive or enjoyable. We hope to have presentations on:

  • the influence of APL on research into efficient use of parallel hardware
  • connecting APL to modern graphics libraries and databases
  • using text files to store APL source, with varying levels of ambition – from single users working alone to systematic testing and continuous integration pipelines
  • migrating to Dyalog APL from other APL implementations
  • the things that a panel of young APLers think APL needs to attract the next generation of APL users
  • how APL contributed to the discovery of a novel approach to the analysis of samples containing the DNA of more than one individual

We will also hear from the winner of the 2022 APL Problem Solving Competition, and hope that the winners from 2020 and 2021 will be able to join us too. There are still a few slots available in the programme; if you have a story to tell that you think will be valuable or entertaining for current or future users of Dyalog APL, then please get in touch!


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