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Meet the people who are presenting at Dyalog '22.


Gitte Christensen Danish flag

Dyalog Ltd

Gitte discovered APL in 1983. After graduating as a research biologist, she was offered 6 months of training in EDP (Electronic Data Processing). When exposed to APL she immediately fell in love and never looked back. Since then she has worked as an APL consultant, headed development and sales of commercial software based on APL and finally in 2005 ended up where she started, at an APL language vendor – but this time as the CEO.

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Morten Kromberg Danish flag

Dyalog Ltd

Morten joined Dyalog after spending about 15 years building up ideas for technical direction as a user of Dyalog – 10 as an APL Consultant and 5 as the CTO of Adaytum Software, developing a "shrink-wrapped" product which used Dyalog as the core technology. Before that, he spent about 10 years learning, using and helping clients install and maintain SHARP APL at I.P.Sharp Associates.

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Aaron Hsu American flag

Dyalog Ltd

Aaron is an advocate for a terse and minimal array programming style and has a background in academic functional programming. After being introduced to APL while working on a GPU-hosted compiler, he switched to Dyalog APL for the project – the resulting Co-dfns compiler earned him his PhD in 2019.

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Adám Brudzewsky Danish flag

Dyalog Ltd

Adám is a developer at Dyalog Ltd. He is involved with APL projects like Link and SALT, and also participates in language design and social media (including the popular APL Orchard chat room and the APLcart code phrase collection). He regularly teaches APL to both beginners and more advanced users, through workshops, presentations, webinars, webcasts, blog posts, APL Wiki articles, and answers to questions on Stack Exchange.

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Brian Becker American flag

Dyalog Ltd

Brian is Tools Architect at Dyalog Ltd. With over 45 years of APL experience, Brian has developed APL applications across a variety of industries; he now designs and implements complex APL tools like MiServer and Jarvis. Brian has been involved with the APL Problem Solving Competition since its inception in 2009, initially as a judge and then also as primary content developer.

Charles Brenner American flag


Charles is a consultant in (and founder of) forensic mathematics. He has a PhD in mathematics and is a senior research fellow at UC Berkeley Human Rights Center. His APL career has included development work with Ken Iverson and Larry Breed in 1967 and time with STSC and I.P.Sharp Associates. He started using Dyalog for his forensics DNA software in 2006.

Gilgamesh Athoraya Swedish flag

Tiamatica AB

Gilgamesh was lured into the programming world when introduced to APL in 2005, bringing a halt to his aspiration to work with hardware design of systems on chip. After a few years of supporting a legacy APL system in the finance industry he moved into an R&D role, adopting other modern technologies and integrating them with Dyalog APL to produce powerful web applications. Since 2019 he has been working as an independent consultant at Tiamatica AB offering full-stack development and support services.

John Daintree British flag

Dyalog Ltd

John is Chief Architect at Dyalog Ltd, and recently celebrated 30 years of working at Dyalog Ltd. He is the designer and implementer of Dyalog's hugely successful Win32 GUI interface, and develops everything object-oriented, the Microsoft Windows IDE, and bridges to things like .NET, CEF and the RIDE.

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Justin Dowdy American flag

Semantic Arts

Before Justin started as a consultant at Semantic Arts, he worked on jets (the F-16 Fighting Falcon) as an electrician and on an image generator for commercial and military flight simulators as a software engineer. Justin started using APL in 2020 after watching Andrew Sengul's presentation on April (an APL compiler for Common Lisp); since then he has used APL to teach image processing. Justin thinks that APL is a great model for semantic web ontologies, and writes blog posts about the semantic web and APL.

Juuso Haavisto British flag

University of Oxford

Juuso is a DPhil student at the University of Oxford. His research papers and theses concentrate on multi-access edge computing and total functional programming languages. He started using APL as a modelling language for parallel computation on GPUs three years ago.

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Karta Kooner British flag

Dyalog Ltd

Karta holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics and hopes to develop APL's utility for scientists and engineers. As a C/C++ programmer, he spends most of his time fixing interpreter issues and working on performance optimisations.

Kimmo Linna Finnish flag


Mark Wolfson American flag


Mark has been CTO at BIG, a service company in the jewellery industry, since 2006. He serves as designer, architect and data specialist, overseeing a tech team of 13 developers and support staff that create and maintain a suite of products for jewellery retailers, manufacturers and other service providers in the industry. Mark has been developing applications in APL since 1980, and has been an active member of the APL community.

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Michael Baas German flag

Dyalog Ltd

Michael has decades of APL experience as a production planning analyst and consultant. In addition to providing consultancy to customers, he is a core member of the Tools Group, working on internal systems and outwards facing applications, such as the user meeting registration system and the APL problem solving competition website.

Michael Higginson Canadian flag

Norbert Jurkiewicz American flag

The Carlisle Group

Ray Polivka American flag

Polivka Associates

Ray is a first generation digital programmer, having written his first program (in binary) in 1953 for the University of Illinois' ILLIAC. He joined IBM in 1958 as an IBM stretch computer programmer. Ray was introduced to APL by Kenneth Iverson in 1967, then spent 1968 at SRI (Science Research Institute) creating CAI APL Problem Solving material before moving to IBM education in 1968. As a full-time APL instructor he trained or exposed many people to APL, including teaching classes in Thailand, Australia, and Russia. Since retiring from IBM and founding Polivka Associates in 1993 he has continued to teach APL to several insurance companies. Ray won the Kenneth E. Iverson Award for Outstanding Contribution to APL in 1990 and has co‑authored three APL textbooks.

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Rich Park British flag

Dyalog Ltd

Rich is a developer at Dyalog Ltd. He has taught APL at multiple schools, created an online self-study course, is a regular host of Dyalog webinars, and has demonstrated APL on Twitch and YouTube.

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Rodrigo Girão Serrão Portuguese flag

Dyalog Ltd

Rodrigo is a developer and content creator at Dyalog Ltd. He mainly works on updating Mastering Dyalog APL (the principal Dyalog APL tutorial book), but also produces instructional videos. Rodrigo has hosted numerous workshops teaching mathematics and programming (these are also the subjects of his Mathspp blog).

Stephen Mansour American flag

Misericordia University

Stephen is Adjunct Professor at Misericordia University. He has been using APL since 1985, when he worked on the ALORS2 project written in APL2 at IBM. He developed a billing system using Dyalog while working at Security APL in Jersey City, and wrote a portfolio optimisation system and a mortgage structuring system in Dyalog while working at the Carlisle Group in Scranton, PA. He is currently developing TamStat, a program written in Dyalog for use in teaching statistics.


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