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Meet the people who are presenting at Dyalog '23.


Gitte Christensen Danish flag

Dyalog Ltd

Gitte discovered APL in 1983. After graduating as a research biologist, she was offered 6 months of training in EDP (Electronic Data Processing). When exposed to APL she immediately fell in love and never looked back. Since then she has worked as an APL consultant, headed development and sales of commercial software based on APL and finally in 2005 ended up where she started, at an APL language vendor – but this time as the CEO.

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Morten Kromberg Danish flag

Dyalog Ltd

Morten joined Dyalog after spending about 15 years building up ideas for technical direction as a user of Dyalog – 10 as an APL Consultant and 5 as the CTO of Adaytum Software, developing a "shrink-wrapped" product which used Dyalog as the core technology. Before that, he spent about 10 years learning, using and helping clients install and maintain SHARP APL at I.P.Sharp Associates.

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Aaron Hsu American flag

Dyalog Ltd

Aaron is an advocate for a terse and minimal array programming style and has a background in academic functional programming. After being introduced to APL while working on a GPU-hosted compiler, he switched to Dyalog APL for the project – the result of this is the Co-dfns compiler.

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Adám Brudzewsky Danish flag

Dyalog Ltd

Adám is a developer at Dyalog Ltd. He is involved with APL projects like Link and SALT, and also participates in language design and social media (including the popular APL Orchard chat room and the APLcart code phrase collection). He regularly teaches APL to both beginners and more advanced users, through workshops, presentations, webinars, webcasts, blog posts, APL Wiki articles, and answers to questions on Stack Exchange.

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Alexander Block German flag

Viridium Insurance Group

Alexander's academic background is in mathematical logic, but he has worked with APL in his role in the insurance sector since 2017. He has contributed to the development of two calculation engines (written in APL) for testing the mathematical correctness of insurance benefits. He enjoys the functional aspects of APL, especially the wholemeal approach to operations on data structures, as well as its conciseness and conceptual clarity. Alexander is the non-student winner of 2023 APL Problem Solving Competition.

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Andrea Piseri Italian flag

Università degli Studi di Milano (University of Milan)

Andrea is an undergraduate student in mathematics at Università degli studi di Milano. He started programming in Python in middle school and developed an interest in programming languages, which brought him to learn C, C++, Rust, and eventually APL in late 2022. Andrea competed in the 2022 SWERC ICPC with his University's team "La Statale Green", and is the student winner of the 2023 APL Problem Solving Competition.

Andy Shiers British flag

Dyalog Ltd

Andy has spent most of his working life in support, supporting APL, UNIX systems, and high-end hardware. He has been at Dyalog Ltd for over 35 years, and is responsible for various internal systems as well being involved with the build, development, and QA processes, plus customer support and documentation.

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Asher Harvey-Smith British flag

University of Warwick

Asher discovered APL in the summer of 2022 on his university's programming forum, and spent the next year becoming increasingly obsessed with the language. He joined Dyalog Ltd as an intern in the summer of 2023.

Brandon Wilson Japanese flag

Effective Altruism

Brandon has a formal background in mathematical models and simulation. He has about 20 years experience in Linux, SysOps, and IT infrastructure, and his current work is research and community building in AI safety. For the last two years Brandon has been exploring APL as a hobby; his particular interests are APL applications to SysOps and IT infrastructure, APL application scaling, and APL's unique applications to AI model iteration.

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Brian Becker American flag

Dyalog Ltd

Brian is Tools Architect at Dyalog Ltd. With over 45 years of APL experience, Brian has developed APL applications across a variety of industries; he now designs and implements complex APL tools like MiServer and Jarvis. Brian has been involved with the APL Problem Solving Competition since its inception in 2009, initially as a judge and then also as primary content developer.

Claus Madsen Danishflag

FinE Analytics

Claus is a financial economist with a PhD in Financial Engineering and strong professional supplementary training. He is the founder of FinE Analytics (2001-) and the Founder and CEO (Partner) of Rebus Finance (2020-). For the last 30+ years he has worked primarily with analysis of interest-rate related debt instruments and risk management with an international angle. As Vice President, Risk Manager and Consultant, the focus of his career has been mainly on modelling of interest-rate related instruments and risk management (VaR, ETL, and so on), as well as analysis of Danish mortgage bonds. He has also worked with inflation-linked derivatives, credit-related issues, portfolio selection, risk-profiling, indicative pricing of Danish (mortgage)-bonds (illiquity) and risk of alternatives. He has used Dyalog since the 1980s, and has employed it to build systems for Cash Management, Pension-Group Investment allocation, Research Bond Platform, Mortgage Refinancing module, the FinE Function library, Rebus Wealth-Management Software, Scrinium .NET framework, and more! Currently his development is mainly on-line using Jarvis and related tools.

Elena Paviotti Italian flag

SimCorp Italiana

Elena was hired by APL Italiana (now SimCorp Italiana) in 2006. She'd never heard of APL language before that point, but it was love at first sight. Elena still really enjoys writing code; what she likes the most is that she can follow a project from the beginning (analysis with the customer) to the final release. Sometimes this means that she has to write documents such as feasibility studies, but she regards that as a small price to pay to be able to really understand customer requests and not just write code following someone else's instructions.

Finn Flug German flag

Dittrich & Partner Consulting GmbH (DPC)

Finn studied mathematics at the university of Bonn. He discovered APL when he joined DPC as a consultant in the insurance sector in November 2022, and has been using it daily – he mostly works on the enhancement of existing applications written in APL. His day-to-day job is a mixture of actuarial mathematics and APL-development.

Gianna Folladore Italian flag

SimCorp Italiana

Gianna holds a master degree in Physics, which gave her a strong footing in approaching problems. Later in her career she switched to programming and has been an APL enthusiast ever since. She has been working for SimCorp Italiana for over a decade, initially as a consultant.

Jada Andrade British flag

Dyalog Ltd

Jada recently joined Dyalog Ltd as an Administration Assistant – she has already been putting her organisational skills to good use around the office and contributing to company processes. Although she has not yet developed her APL skills, she hopes to help promote the language and always has time to listen to APL enthusiasts.

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Jesús Galán López Spanishflag

Ghent University

Jesús' background is in academia, in the field of materials science – specifically, computational metallurgy (he writes computer models for the simulation of steel production processes). His interest in APL started about five years ago and stemmed from a curiosity about alternatives to classical mathematical notation. APL fitted with his interest in programming, and he saw how it could be the perfect tool to solve the kind of problems that he encountered at work. Unfortunately, he discovered that APL is not really known in metallurgy or in general in academic circles; Jesús is looking to change this by working with Dyalog Ltd to bring APL back into academia.

John Daintree British flag

Dyalog Ltd

John is Chief Architect at Dyalog Ltd, where he has worked for more than three decades. He is the designer and implementer of Dyalog's hugely successful Win32 GUI interface, and develops everything object-oriented, the Microsoft Windows IDE, and bridges to things like .NET, CEF, and the RIDE.

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Josh David American flag

Dyalog Ltd

Josh is a developer at Dyalog Ltd. His initial exposure to APL was through an internship, during which he entered (and won) the 2016 APL Problem Solving Competition. He now primarily serves as an APL consultant to North American clients, but also works on APL tools.

Kai Jaeger German flag


Kai stumbled upon APL by accident in 1980, and from that moment, he knew it was his passion. Since then he has worked for numerous small, two mid-sized, and ten very large companies as an independent developer. Amidst his diverse experiences, his core expertise remains in APL.

Recently, Kai has implemented Tatin, (a package manager) and Cider (a project manager). Alongside these tools, he has created a variety of supporting packages. Kai's dedication to sharing his knowledge and innovations with the community has led him to publish over 40 packages on the Tatin Registry.

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Kamila Szewczyk German flag

Saarland University

Kamila discovered APL when she was 15, and has used it regularly since then to solve mathematical puzzles and design algorithms, as well as in various hobby projects – she feels it has helped her to become a better programmer and significantly improved her problem solving skills. Kamila joined Dyalog Ltd as an intern in the summer of 2023.

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Karta Kooner British flag

Dyalog Ltd

Karta uses his Physics expertise to develop APL's utility for scientists and engineers. As a C/C++ programmer, he spends most of his time fixing interpreter issues and working on performance optimisations.

Mark Wolfson American flag


Mark has been CTO at BIG, a service company in the jewellery industry, since 2006. He serves as designer, architect and data specialist, overseeing a tech team of 13 developers and support staff that create and maintain a suite of products for jewellery retailers, manufacturers and other service providers in the industry. Mark has been developing applications in APL since 1980, and has been an active member of the APL community.

Peter Mikkelsen Danish flag

Dyalog Ltd

Peter first heard about APL in 2021, and started playing around with Dyalog, mostly doing the Project Euler challenges. At Dyalog Ltd he spends most of his time fixing issues and learning the internals of the interpreter, and in his spare time he likes to explore different programming languages and operating systems.

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Ray Cannon British flag


Ray read Chemical Engineering at the University of Salford between 1969 and 1974. After graduating he became a full time programmer, and has used APL since 1978. His roles include on-site mainframe support at (what is now) BT, Head of Scientific Computing for ACSL, and Consultant at Dyadic Systems Ltd (working at clients sites, not on development of Dyalog). Most recently he was an independent consultant at Cannon Computer Consultancy, which included working with British Airways and then as "actuarial support" with Commercial Union/CGU/NU/Aviva. Since retiring in 2017 he has been indulging his enjoyment of APL and Dyalog through projects such as Ants, Mandelbrot, Raspberry Pi, Robots, Neural Networks, and Music.

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Rich Park British flag

Dyalog Ltd

Rich is a developer at Dyalog Ltd. He has taught APL at multiple schools, created an online self-study course, is a regular host of Dyalog webinars, and has demonstrated APL on Twitch and YouTube.

Richard Smith British flag

Dyalog Ltd

Richard is Development Manager at Dyalog Ltd. Prior to joining Dyalog Ltd he gained extensive experience of compiler development and language design; he now works on the interpreter, developing various cross-platform utility and system-related tools.

Ron Murray American flag

Dyalog Ltd

Ron has worked with APL intermittently for around 50 years, taking breaks to work at Microsoft, Amazon and an internet television company, and he now works on interpreter QAs and developing advanced tools.

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Stefan Kruger British flag

Dyalog Ltd

Stefan likes learning lesser-known programming languages. He discovered APL in 2017, and then went on to write two books teaching Dyalog APL, one being an introduction targeted at programmers, the other providing brief overviews of all basic features. At Dyalog Ltd he is involved in various projects, including representing the interests and expectations of new APL users, especially those using macOS, the RIDE, or shell scripting.

Stig Nielsen Danish flag


Stig has been working with APL for 24 years and is responsible for the APL framework used by "business developers" to create the business applications in SimCorp Dimension. For the last four years he has been working on the project to lift SimCorp Dimension into the cloud, where APL sessions are controlled from a .NET process rather that the other way around.

Stine Kromberg Danish flag

Dyalog Ltd

Stine grew up around APL, but her background is in Business Administration and Information Management. She has put this to good use since joining Dyalog Ltd's management team. Although she mostly handles finances at the moment, she has been exploring APL and is looking forward to helping to lead Dyalog to become a more widely-deployed tool.



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