DYNA15 was held in Princeton, New Jersey from 20-21 April 2015

Dyalog Presentations

D1: Welcome slides (250 KB)
Gitte Christensen, Managing Director (CEO)

D2: Technical Road Map Update slides (1.3 MB)
Morten Kromberg, Technical Director (CTO)

D3: Dyalog Version 14.1 and RIDE 2.0 In Depth slides (155 KB)
multiple presenters

D4: Let's Git Going – Online Distribution of Tools and Libraries slides (93 KB)
Brian Becker, APL Tools Group Manager

D5: Visualising Data on the Fly with the v14.1 Chart Wizard
Gitte Christensen, CEO

D6: Distributed Deployment and Parallel Programming Examples
Morten Kromberg, CTO (may contain robots!)

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W1: Putting Dyalog's Latest Features to Use summary | slides (760 KB)
Dan Baronet

Dyalog is committed to the continual enhancement of its products. This isn't limited solely to the core APL language, but to the entire user experience.

In this workshop, Dan will cover recent enhancements and their practical application, including (but not limited to):

  • performance – idioms, parallel features, and other speed ups
  • language features – trains, rank and key operators, tally, index of, and others
  • development environment – new user commands, changes to the IDE, introducing the RIDE
  • interfaces – R Project for Statistical Computing, .NET enhancements
  • tools and utilities – Chart Wizard, JSON, XML, WPF
  • customer support – MyDyalog

W2: MiServer 3.0 – A Framework for Web-Enabled and Cross-Platform Applications summary | slides (3.2 MB)
Brian Becker, APL Tools Group Manager and Morten Kromberg, CTO

  • Do you have a new or existing APL application that you'd like to make available via the web – internet or intranet?
  • Would you like to offer your application on a variety of platforms but with minimal code change to support each platform?
  • Do you want to make your application available with minimal requirements for the end user?

If you answered "yes" to any of these then this workshop may be of particular interest to you. In it, Brian and Morten will introduce, demonstrate, and give you hands-on experience with MiServer 3.0 – the latest version of Dyalog's web application framework. MiServer is a stand-alone web server coupled with a suite of tools to make it easy to generate rich web content from APL. MiServer runs on any platform where Dyalog APL runs – from a $35 Raspberry Pi to the most powerful AIX servers. As Dyalog becomes available on other platforms, MiServer will run on them with virtually no code change. The only current software requirement for your client is a web browser – and who doesn't have one (or several) of those?

W3: Parallel Programming Using Futures and Isolates summary | materials (93 MB)
Morten Kromberg, CTO

Futures and Isolates are designed to put parallel programming at the fingertips of the APL users, meaning that you can take advantage of all the cores that your computer (or cluster of computers) has available. This workshop will explain how to use the new features to divide and conquer your data in less time than ever before and drive the CPU Monitor on your computer to 100%. Exercises will be provided so that you can immediately practice your new-found skills!

W4: Modern Application Architectures in Dyalog summary | slides (870 KB)
Brian Becker, APL Tools Group Manager and Dan Baronet

From the first )SAVE command nearly 50 years ago, the workspace has been a standard way to maintain, package, and distribute APL applications. However, the workspace is largely unable to address issues like version control, external data, shared code, source code management and multi-developer environments. In this workshop, Brian and Dan will discuss and present some current tools and techniques to architect and maintain today's APL applications. Topics to be covered include:

  • SALT – the Simple APL Library Toolkit
  • Source code management systems like Subversion and GitHub
  • The future of APL application development

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