DYNA24 was held in New York City, New York on 11 April 2024


Presentations primarily aimed at APL users who are considering migrating to Dyalog from another APL system:

Welcome – Introduction to Dyalog Ltd and Dyalog APL slides (PPTX) | slides (PDF)
Morten Kromberg (Dyalog Ltd)

Migrating to Dyalog APL slides (PPTX) | slides (PDF)
Morten Kromberg (Dyalog Ltd)

Transforming Complex Business Processes with Dyalog slides (PPTX) | slides (PDF)
Mark Wolfson (BIG)

Presentations aimed at all APL users, including current users of Dyalog:

Dyalog Road Map Update slides (PPTX) | slides (PDF)
Morten Kromberg (Dyalog Ltd)

Web Services in Dyalog summary | slides (PPTX) | slides (PPSX) | slides (PDF) | materials (ZIP)
Brian Becker (Dyalog Ltd)

Brian discusses consuming and providing web services. Using HttpCommand, he demonstrates accessing the GitHub and OpenAI web services. He then introduces Jarvis, Dyalog's web service framework, and implements a basic web service in five minutes. Brian concludes by discussing the security, performance, and scalability aspects of Jarvis.

Leveraging GitHub and Community Packages in Dyalog slides (PPTX) | slides (PDF)
Josh David (Dyalog Ltd)

Multi-Language Interop with introductions
Mark Wolfson (BIG) and Jay Whipple (Osprey Partners LLC and J.N. Whipple Inc)

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