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Since its conception in 1981, Dittrich and Partner Consulting GmbH (DPC) has built a reputation as a highly skilled consulting company and solutions provider in the areas of data modelling, data mining, business intelligence and statistical software.

The company's main focus centres on the insurance industry and the financial services sector. In particular, DPC has long standing, in-depth experience in designing, developing and testing actuarial applications. DPC further provides bespoke software solutions encompassing accounting, control, sales and marketing.

Using DPC's software solutions, clients are enabled to make informed and quick business decisions based on faster calculation and presentation of key data, supported by transparent IT processes.

DPC's close technology co-operation partnerships with companies such as IBM, Dyalog Ltd and Adobe enable them to provide scalable and reliable solutions; in some cases their solutions are used by thousands of end-users. DPC are so proud of their capabilities that they will guarantee their clients "best project quality" with firm, measurable, milestones throughout the development process.

Overall, DPC has a very structured approach to agile software development and their business processes are closely defined. With around 25 employees, 15 working within consulting services, DPC is proud to work with lots of clients most of whom are working worldwide. DPC clients particularly benefit from their employees' expertise and know-how in maths, IT, statistics, finance and economy. This means that they can cater to smaller applications and sophisticated use of statistical software, as well as enterprise consulting and software development.

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Dittrich and Partner Consulting – Insurance Model

Our services and specialties when working with clients are best illustrated by the insurance model of topics cross-branches and special topics in the field of insurances


Dittrich and Partner Consulting – Services Model

DPC's strength results from intensive co-operation with our clients in all kinds of service model

DPC regularly attends, and presents, at relevant software conferences.