Together with our development partners and resellers, we are here to help you make optimal use of your Dyalog products.

  • Consultancy

    As a general rule, Dyalog Ltd does not offer application development consultancy as part of our services. We work with a network of qualified consultants who offer these services and we are happy to connect our customers to one of our consulting partners.

    Senior Consultancy

    Dyalog Ltd offers performance, architecture and quality assurance reviews of existing and proposed applications and troubleshooting with respect to specific problems, especially platform migrations. Services are offered at a daily rate or on an "agreed result" basis.

    Directed Development

    Dyalog Ltd offers customer-specific development of new features for Dyalog and related products. Development requests are evaluated with regards to general applicability and relevance to Dyalog Ltd's long-term strategy for product development and direction, and the cost is negotiated accordingly. In some cases, the total cost of implementation can be split between multiple customers who share the same requirement.

    Directed Development is available on demand (subject to availability of resource) or according to an annual schedule.


    Dyalog Ltd offers a range of auditing services. A System Audit can be general or targeted at specific areas such as:

    • performance
    • utilisation of Dyalog
    • development processes

    The result of a system audit is typically a written report of the findings and recommendations. If relevant, potential enhancements of Dyalog are identified.

    The price and duration of an audit is negotiated on an individual case basis and depends on the scope of the audit.

  • Training

    Dyalog Ltd offers numerous training courses on the features and functionality of Dyalog, for example, a five-day "Introduction to Dyalog" course.

    Series of courses are offered in different geographical regions as required. Upcoming courses are announced on, through Dyalog Ltd's partners and with a broadcast e-mail.

    In addition to the publicly-offered courses, customers can request a particular course to be conducted in-house.

    If you have an educational requirement, then please e-mail us for further information.

  • Commercial Services

    Dyalog Ltd provides a set of services to help customers better meet their obligations to third parties. These services can be combined on a contractual basis.

    Support for a Specific Build of Dyalog

    Dyalog Ltd customers can appoint one or more specific builds of Dyalog as their production versions. If new functionality is required or issues are discovered with these builds, then the customer can request a fix or enhancement for that particular build.

    Service Level Agreement

    Dyalog Ltd offers contractually-guaranteed levels of service (SLA) to match our customer's obligations towards their customers. This service includes guaranteed response times and problem analysis and solution(s).

    Mirrored Application

    Dyalog Ltd can host or monitor a live copy of customer application(s) for immediate problem reproduction and tracking. This is particularly useful if remote access to the customer's environment poses a problem.


    If your business requires watertight guarantees that your products or services will survive a default at any point in your supply chain, Dyalog Ltd offers fully-verified escrow for the Dyalog product.


Download the terms and conditions as a pdf and contact us for further information and pricing.