Careers at Dyalog Ltd

Dyalog Ltd is a software development company on the move. As a market leader in a growing market we're always on the lookout for talented people. Even if we don't have an open position that matches your special skills, experience and talents, we are still interested in getting to know you if you think you have that something special to offer – we might be recruiting again soon. In addition to our own requirements, we are frequently asked by our customers to assist them in recruiting talented APL developers. If you would like Dyalog Ltd to get to know you, then please e-mail your CV to us.

NOTE: The Job Listings page on the APL Wiki includes declarations of ability to provide APL consultancy, availability for hire, and job openings.


We do not currently have any open positions. However, if you think you might have the right skills for roles like the ones that we have recently filled (described below), please forward your CV to – we might need to grow the team again at short notice, and it would be good to know you are out there!

Programmer/Language Implementor (position recently filled)

Are you a C programmer who is eager to dig into unusual tasks? Here's your chance to join our development team, working on our core product; an implementation of the array-oriented programming language APL, including its interpreter, optimised array operations, interfaces to the outside world, compilers, and various tools.

We have a hybrid work environment, with main offices in two idyllic locations: Bramley, Hampshire (U.K.) and Hellebæk (Denmark). The ability to spend time in one of the offices on a regular basis is important, but you can apply if you are fluent in English, no matter where you live. A few employees work principally from their homes in Europe or the United States.


  • Maintaining, improving, and extending our APL language implementation.
  • Using parallel hardware to increase performance.
  • Porting to new hardware and operating system platforms and building interfaces to other programming languages.


  • Experience dealing with a large C code base, including building, debugging, analysing, and testing on a variety of hardware and operating systems.
  • Feeling comfortable defending opinions to colleagues with diverse technical backgrounds.
  • Being able to manage and take responsibility for your own workload.

Bonus Points

  • Low-level and back-end programming, such as native assembler, toolchain and/or embedded development.
  • Low-level performance analysis and tuning, using hardware performance counters and profiling tools.
  • Multi-paradigm programming languages and language design.

Our offer

  • Salary dependent on seniority/experience.
  • Generous benefits package including private healthcare.
  • A relaxed and friendly working environment.

Application Developer and Toolsmith (position recently filled)

Are you a fast learner with a passion for programming who likes to solve real problems? Are you more interested in working with a team of experts to solve new and challenging problems than you are with climbing the corporate ladder? Are you looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind opportunity to work in diverse fields in cutting edge research and development? Do you want to be consistently challenged, to learn new, lasting skills, and to be an integral member of a team delivering real value, rather than hopping from one superficial tech fashion to another?

At Dyalog, we're an international company that's more like a "council of wizards" than your average bureaucratic enterprise, and we're looking for the next set of up-and-coming would-be wizards who love a challenge and are excited about tearing down the boundaries between user and developer, solution and code.

You'll be working as a consultant in the U.S. for a major energy corporation, helping to solve some of the toughest challenges in the business with a team of highly skilled, exceptional individuals. You'll also spend time working inside Dyalog to dream, research, and develop the next generation of solution-focused tools of thought that enable our clients to program and solve problems at the speed of thought.

This is a chance to be exposed to extremes. You'll be able to work with mission-critical legacy applications as well as totally new and cutting edge research designs. You'll have a chance to work within a division of a large enterprise corporation as well as with a super-flat and lean, user-focused company.

This is an opportunity to be trained and gain new skills and experience under experts who are among the best at what they do. We're interested in people who don't just want to code to a specification but who really love the idea of working together with the users of their designs and code to implement real solutions. If you want to learn how to punch way above your weight and you're excited about the idea of entering into a unique world where code meets art meets solution, then we might just be the place for you and we'd love to hear from you.


  • Supporting and improving critical systems for a major U.S. energy company
  • Technical and infrastructure development for domain experts, including tooling and application design
  • Development of new and existing products internal to Dyalog, particularly in support of the core developer teams in Dyalog and Dyalog-funded research projects

Key Qualifications

  • Mathematics, computing, scientific or engineering competence
  • Ability to work with users and experts from varied backgrounds in both team and support roles
  • Aptitude for programming, logic, and learning new things
  • Willingness to engage with and improve legacy software

Bonus Points

  • A background in any of the following:
    • applied mathematics
    • statistics and application of statistics
    • chemistry, physics, computer science or engineering
  • Any experience with:
    • modern APL
    • VBA/Excel
    • MATLAB
    • custom software stacks
    • databases and SQL
    • GUI design and programming