Careers at Dyalog Ltd

Dyalog Ltd is a software development company on the move. As a market leader in a growing market we're always on the lookout for talented people. Even if we don't have an open position that matches your special skills, experience and talents, we are still interested in getting to know you if you think you have that something special to offer – we might be recruiting again soon. In addition to our own requirements, we are frequently asked by our customers to assist them in recruiting talented APL developers. Below are examples of recently-filled positions.

If you would like Dyalog Ltd to get to know you, then please e-mail your CV to us.

Programming Language Implementor

We are looking for a talented C programmer to join our development team, working on the implementation of the Dyalog APL programming language and associated tools. The team is based in the village of Bramley near Basingstoke in the UK.

Dyalog's core product is an implementation of the array-based programming language APL, including an interpreter, virtual machine, highly optimised primitive operations on arrays, and interfaces to the outside world. We are increasingly investing in compiler technology to further increase the performance of the APL system.

We want you to help us:

  • Take advantage of all kinds of parallel hardware to further increase the performance of the language.
  • Port to new platforms and build interfaces to other programming languages.
  • Improve and extend the APL language.

We expect you to:

  • Be comfortable getting to grips with a large C code base, which is built, debugged, analysed and tested on a variety of different hardware and operating systems.
  • Have strong opinions and feel comfortable defending them to colleagues with diverse backgrounds.
  • Be able to manage and take responsibility for your own workload.

Experience with any of the following would be beneficial:

  • C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, and just about any other programming language you can think of.
  • Win32 API programming.
  • Programming for GPUs.
  • Programming for vectorised SIMD instruction sets.
  • Low level performance analysis and tuning, using hardware performance counters and profiling tools.

In return we can offer you:

  • Salary dependent on seniority/experience.
  • Generous benefits package including private healthcare.
  • A relaxed and friendly working environment.

Please contact if you would like more information.

Data Scientist/Programmer

Dyalog is looking for someone interested in the opportunity to use computers to analyse data and solve problems, to become part of our team of APL developers in Bramley, Hampshire, UK. Our job is to help Subject Matter Experts from a variety of fields crunch numbers, distil information from data, and utilise Dyalog APL in intuitive ways to discover useful new algorithms and recreate old ones.

We do not expect you to know APL, but you need to be interested in learning the language. An interest in – or at least a lack of fear of – applied mathematics will be very useful. We imagine that you have recently completed, are about to complete (or have failed to complete) a higher scientific/engineering or mathematical education. Ideally, you have used a variety of software tools during your studies and found yourself drawn as much towards using tools to solve problems as to the problems themselves (our clients will supply problems).

If you think this sounds something like you, and you would like to join our team of passionate and informal geeks who enjoy helping knowledgeable people solve problems with a computer, give us a call. You will be based in the Bramley office, where just over half of our team is located, working in close co-operation with colleagues in Denmark, Canada, France and the USA.

Please contact if you would like more information.