How We Can Help

Would you like to be able to translate know-how into computer-based solutions on time and on budget? Dyalog is a modern, multi-paradigm programming environment that combines functional, procedural and object-oriented programming with the array-oriented, Turing-award-winning APL notation.

Dyalog allows people with good ideas – from bright high school students to PhDs – to contribute directly to the software development process by writing prototypes or, with suitable training and/or support, highly efficient, parallel and robust code that can be embedded in high-performance production applications.

Dyalog is a good choice when:

  • you would like to involve Subject Matter Experts in writing or reviewing code
  • the exact algorithms that you need are not yet known or are likely to change while the business runs
  • the data structures that underpin the solution are large, irregular or multi-dimensional

Follow the links below to read more about:

Our Technology: The nature of the Dyalog language, the platforms that it is available on and the tools that are available to support your work.

Methodology: In our experience, the creation of a good software solution requires the direct involvement of an expert user. At Dyalog, our goal is to provide subject matter experts, with or without an IT background, with the capability and flexibility to find and create their own answers in collaboration with the IT support that is available to them.

Community and Support: We encourage the exchange of ideas and experience through our forumsuser meetings and student competitions. In the event of a problem, our Dyalog Support Service (DSS) provides formal issue tracking services and access to a steady stream of minor enhancements as well as automatic upgrades to major new Dyalog versions when they are released.

Case Studies: Read about the applications that some of our most successful clients have built using Dyalog.