Application Development Partners

As a general rule, Dyalog Ltd doesn't offer application development services. However, we work with a network of qualified APL consultants who do offer such services; read about these application development partners on this page (click on each of the logos below for further information). You are welcome to either contact them directly or through us.

APL Borealis

Based in Toronto, APL Borealis is Canada's leading supplier of APL software products, services, training and support. Since its conception in 2001, the company's mission has been to provide quality and timely APL products, training, support and consulting services to a wide range of customers.


Aplensia is a company dedicated to working with the APL programming language. When the owners formed the company in 2013, the name of the company was chosen carefully to reflect this fact. The management team and the developers are all very experienced software developers.

Dittrich and Partner Consulting GmbH

Since its conception in 1981, Dittrich and Partner Consulting GmbH has built a reputation as a highly skilled consulting company and solutions provider in the areas of data modelling, data mining, business intelligence and statistical software. The company's main focus centres on the insurance industry and the financial services sector. In particular, DPC has long standing, in-depth experience in designing, developing and testing actuarial applications.

KJK-Tieto Oy

KJK-Tieto Oy was founded in 1990 and has been involved in Microsoft Windows-based Dyalog application development from the very start. This includes participation in the first beta test program in 1991-1992. Since then, KJK-Tieto has implemented a large number of Dyalog applications.

MJH Software Services Ltd.

Michael Hughes, trading as MJH Software Services Ltd., offers consultancy and bespoke system development using APL. His extensive APL experience combined with his open-minded approach to modern technologies such as WPF, data binding and parallel computing have made Michael a much sought-after consultant and developer in the world of APL.

Optima Systems

Since 1990, Optima Systems has actively been developing new applications for a wide range of businesses. Particular areas of expertise include administration systems, clinical data analysis and product forecasting.