Dyalog Ltd has two YouTube channels:

DyalogConference – videos of presentations from our user meetings.

DyalogLtd – other recordings from Dyalog Ltd.

Dyalog User Meeting Videos

In addition to the YouTube channel, videos of presentations from our user meetings can be viewed by user meeting at

Dyalog Videos

  • Depth-first Search in APL

    Notation for Parallel Thoughts

    released: 22 June 2016

    length: 62 mins 30 secs


    The ARRAY workshop for researchers who are working on numeric, array-centric aspects of programming languages was held as part of the PLDI conference in Santa Barbara (California) this year. Morten Kromberg (CXO of Dyalog Ltd) was one of the invited keynote speakers and introduced the concise, efficient APL notation to the delegates.

  • Depth-first Search in APL

    Depth-first Search in APL

    released: 18 July 2014

    length: 11 mins 32 secs


    The classic depth-first search algorithm is explored using APL, a simple and concise array notation with high-order functions. The presentation highlights APL's incremental development style, using simple steps and culminating in a purely functional solution for the N-Queens problem. The informative style of this presentation brings clarity to this advanced topic, making it accessible even to those who are still near the start of their APL journey.

    Once you've seen the video, why not examine the code used in greater detail and try the expressions for yourself in the online tutorial at (Learn tab > Depth-first search)

    For more on depth-first search in APL, see

    For more on the N-Queens problem, see

  • Sudoku Solver in APL

    Sudoku Solver in APL

    released: 27 October 2012

    length: 9 mins 43 secs


    Development of a Sudoku solver in APL. Experiment for yourself at

    For more on the algorithm used, see

    Algorithm: Arthur Whitney Performance: John Scholes.

  • Conway's Game of Life in APL

    Conway's Game of Life in APL

    released: 26 January 2009

    length: 7 mins 48 secs


    There is a "Game of Life" tutorial at, which allows you to step through the game of life expressions interactively.

  • A Plea for Simplicity

    A Plea for Simplicity

    released: 11 December 2008

    length: 7 mins 36 secs


    John Scholes (Senior APL Language Designer) calls Ed's hardware store to complain about the design of one of his tools – the Masso-matic SK-90 Digital Lump Hammer (from John's talk celebrating the 25th anniversary of Dyalog APL).

  • How about a nice game of chess?

    How about a nice game of chess?

    released: 11 December 2008

    length: 6 mins 32 secs


    Morten Kromberg (CTO of Dyalog Ltd) shows why Unicode is a good thing. He uses Dyalog APL version 12.0 to build a GUI for playing Chess using Excel as a multi-dimensional database for recording the moves.


External Videos

  • Pragmatic Functional Programming Using Dyalog APL

    Pragmatic Functional Programming Using Dyalog APL

    released: 13 July 2015

    length: 77 mins 22 secs


    Morten Kromberg (CTO of Dyalog Ltd) was invited to speak at Google's headquarters in California as part of the Talks at Google programme. His presentation shows how Dyalog is a modern, array-first, multi-paradigm programming language, which supports functional, object-oriented and imperative programming based on an APL language kernel. Dyalog allows people with good ideas – from bright high school students to PhDs – to contribute directly to the software development process using a notation which fits comfortably with those used in their own domains.



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Dyalog Basics Videos

Videos introducing some of the fundamentals of Dyalog and Dyalog APL can be accessed through our Videos: Dyalog Basics page.


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