Reference Customers

Dyalog Ltd would like to thank the following companies for taking the time to talk about the reasons why Dyalog is a core component of their business. Click on each logo below to read the full story.
Automatonics – reference customer


Atomatonics Inc. is based in Georgia, USA. In partnership with Dyalog Ltd, they have developed – and are now offering a completely new and compelling global Dyalog hosting service as well as shared webhosting of Dyalog and MiServer.

The Carlisle Group – reference customer

The Carlisle Group

The Carlisle Group was founded in 1990 to create software to support the fast growing mortgage and asset securitisation industry.

The Carlisle Group's flagship product is CAS, a Collateral Analysis System.

InfoStroy Ltd. – reference customer

InfoStroy Ltd.

InfoStroy Ltd. was established in St. Petersburg in 1990 with the vision of developing and marketing financial management software.

KCI Computing Inc. – reference customer

KCI Computing Inc.

KCI Computing Inc. is a veteran provider of financial management software. Our flagship product, CONTROL, provides leading-edge functionality for dynamic planning, reporting, consolidation and analysis for large-scale applications across a variety of industries, from aerospace and defence, to health care, financial services and manufacturing.

Laser Learning – reference customer

Laser Learning

Laser Learning develops and licenses its unique Laser system to training providers. The company was created following the success of its elder sister The Childcare Company, the training provider where the Laser was born.

Optima Systems – reference customer

Optima Systems

Optima Systems was started in the U.K. during 1990 and at that time had 5 employees all engaged on APL contracts. Today Optima employs 19 people; 10 of these are full time APL consultants and the rest look after the networking, CRM and other business interests.

SimCorp – reference customer


SimCorp was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Denmark. SimCorp operates subsidiary companies throughout Scandinavia as well as in Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA.

SimCorp is one of Europe's leading suppliers of highly specialised software and financial know-how for the financial sector and corporate treasuries.

SimCorp Italiana – reference customer

SimCorp Italiana

SimCorp Italiana was born in Milan in 1983 as a generalist software house. Soon after its foundation the company started to develop its first application for portfolio asset management, and in 1989 began the development of the first version of SimCorp SOFIA. Gradually the entire focus of the company was concentrated on this product.