Galileo Cosmos is true visual analytics. Powered by a multi-dimensional, unstructured analytical engine written entirely in APL, Cosmos is able to quickly and flexibly analyse vast quantities of data, then show that analysis in an interactive and dynamic display of interconnected data points.

With Cosmos, the data is completely disassembled from the regular relational table form, converted into indices and pointers and then analysed in real time to identify significance. Our interactive interface then allows the user to define multiple axes, based on the area of interest and apply information overlays to the data of most significance. The intuitive design of the interface democratises the data research process, making it possible for any knowledgeable user to run analyses without the need for additional coding resources, query writing or IT support.

Our system can operate on the Cloud, making it accessible through any internet connection with no need for specialised user-side equipment or software. The Flash-based interface works on any Flash-capable browser on most standard computing platforms.

The data is stored on our powerful servers, which process the data and enable users to access it without the need for expensive equipment purchases or client IT support.

For those clients who need the data to be stored behind a local firewall, we can provide custom installations of Cosmos on client-hosted servers using readily available computers and processors.

What makes Galileo Cosmos so unique?

Cosmos analytics
  • Powerful visual analytics
  • See your "Big Data" in a whole new way
  • Fast, flexible analysis in real time
  • Interactive, intuitive interface means no need for additional coding or IT support
  • Customisable interface focuses analyses on your needs
  • Web-based Flash delivery enables multiple researchers to access data and share analyses through a secure portal
  • Cloud-based operation and delivery platform means no need for new hardware or software
  • On-site hosting available, using readily available computer hardware
  • Flexible licensing options to meet your business needs
  • Share with colleagues via customisable Cloud-based portal


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