Dyalog Version 15.0

Version 15.0 includes another batch of significant user experience improvements. Highlights include:

Performance Improvements

The new release is not only packed with features to make you more productive – it also has significant performance improvements:

  • Our internal benchmarks show an average improvement for core interpreter performance of 20-25%.
  • Arrays can be marked as "hashed", allowing set functions like and to work much faster.
  • A fast case conversion utility has been added.
  • The optimised byte code execution engine now handles more than 80% of the source code in our benchmark application.

Easier to Acquire and Install

In response to growing interest in Array languages for high performance applications, we are making it easier to get started with Dyalog APL, for researchers and entrepreneurs alike. We are also making it easier to install the product in corporate or other restricted environments:

  • Free Licences for Personal/Non-Commercial use
  • Installation on Microsoft Windows no longer requires Administrator Privileges.

Easier to Use on Multiple Platforms

One of the most important destinations on our road map is to put Dyalog on more platforms and to make the same development and application building tools available on all platforms. Dyalog version 15.0 represents a major milestone on this path:

  • New system functions for listing and manipulating files and folders using an identical set of tools way on all platforms.
  • Version 3.0 of the cross-platform Remote Integrated Development Environment (RIDE) accompanies Dyalog version 15.0, with many new features.

APL Source in Unicode Text Files

For a number of years, Dyalog has been promoting the use of Unicode text files as a storage mechanism for APL source code, allowing the use of industry-standard source code and project management systems with APL. From Dyalog version 15.0, this mode of operation is directly supported by the interpreter and no longer requires the use of the SALT tool:

  • Integrated support in the interpreter and development environment for loading and editing APL souce code held in text files, as an alternative to using binary workspaces.
  • Preview APL source directly from Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office or any application that supports Windows Shell Integration.

Improved Look and Feel

  • The RIDE will very shortly become the standard IDE for x86/x64 Linux and the Raspberry Pi
  • On Microsoft Windows, Native Look and Feel is enabled by default (but can still be switched off).
  • A new icon for Dyalog APL!


Visit the Documentation Centre for the complete release notes and documentation for Dyalog version 15.0.