Dyalog for macOS

Dyalog for macOS is a standard 64-bit Unicode implementation of Dyalog, able to share (using TCP Sockets) workspaces, component files and APL arrays with Dyalog running on any other platform. It is very similar to the Dyalog for Linux version in terms of interfaces and tooling. In addition:

  • Development Environment: Dyalog for macOS is the first platform to include the RIDE as the preferred development environment; Dyalog for Linux will soon follow.
  • Support for tools includes:
    • Function calls into shared libraries (.dyalog files).
    • The RConnect interface to the R statistical framework.
    • CONGA and TCP-based frameworks MiServer and SAWS.
    • SALT and user commands.
    • SQAPL, the interface between APL and database drivers that conform to the iODBC specification.

For more information about using Dyalog for macOS, see the macOS-specific documentation.