Dyalog for Microsoft Windows

Due to the success of Microsoft Windows as a platform for line of business applications and the widespread standardisation of APIs and interfaces on that platform, the Windows version of Dyalog is currently the flagship product, with significantly more tools and interfaces than other platforms (although these are catching up).

The following components are available on Dyalog for Microsoft Windows only:

  • Development Environment: The native Microsoft Windows IDE has significantly more
    functionality than the cross-platform Remote IDE (RIDE).
  • Built-in GUI Widgets: Dyalog for Windows has an extremely easy-to-use framework for building Win32 applications (which can be easily extended with OCX and Microsoft .NET controls). Traditionally, non-Windows interpreters have been used for server applications, but this is changing. UI tools for non-Windows platforms are under development but no release data has been set; MiServer with HTML5/JavaScript is the recommended solution for cross-platform GUIs.
  • Syncfusion WPF Libraries: Windows Presentation Foundation is built upon Microsoft .NET. Note that the Syncfusion JavaScript libraries can be used from web servers on any platform using the MiServer.
  • COM/OLE and Microsoft .NET interfaces: We have considered supporting Mono and C# on non-Windows platforms, but this is not yet scheduled.
  • Run as a Service: From version 14.0, the Dyalog interpreter is able to register and run an application as a Windows Service.

For more information about using Dyalog for Microsoft Windows, see the Microsoft Windows-specific documentation.