News about Dyalog

Dec 15, 2020

Introducing Dyalog Version 18.0 Issue 3

Dyalog version 18.0 issue 3 is now available for download on all supported platforms:

Dyalog version 18.0 issue 3 includes all the fixes that have been applied to version 18.0 since it was made generally available on 10 June 2020. A handful of serious issues were found in early issues of version 18.0, and we strongly urge users to install issue 3:

  • On Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS – you will need to uninstall version 18.0 before installing issue 3. Windows users might want to use the ]CopyReg user command to save and restore Dyalog 18.0-related registry entries.
  • On Linux (including Raspberry Pi) – you can either uninstall and reinstall, or use either rpm -Uvh or dpkg –install to update Dyalog version 18.0.

The file setup_dyalog.html (in the help directory) and the various Installation and Configuration Guides have more information about this process: