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Apr 18, 2007

Dyalog Facilitates Online Ordering of Manuals

The manuals are all provided as books through the print-on-demand service on


The manuals will be provided as printed books with the following appearance

The following print products are available:

  • Dyalog for Windows User Guide - Introduction to using Dyalog for Windows
  • Dyalog Language Reference - A complete reference for the Dyalog APL language
  • Dyalog for Windows Object Reference - Provides detailed information about the GUI objects provided with Dyalog for Widows
  • Dyalog for Windows Interface Guide - A guide to the various interfaces provided by Dyalog under Windows (and in many cases also on other platforms)
  • Dyalog .Net Interface - A description of the interface between Dyalog and Microsoft.Net
  • Dyalog Version 11.0 Release Notes - Documents new features of Dyalog Version 11 and Version 10.1
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming for APL Programmers - Introduces the object oriented features of Dyalog Version 11.0


Printed manuals can be shipped anywhere in the world and quotes are provided instantly online in US$, £ or €.

The manuals are also available as free of charge PDF downloads.


Visit for a browse.