News about Dyalog

Dec 9, 2008

The Childcare Company has won the Nursery Supplier/Innovator 2008 Award

Accolade awarded for the training and support package developed exclusively in Dyalog APL/ASP.Net by the Nursery Management Today Awards.


"The judges chose The Childcare Company because they believe that the Childcare Company's training and support package will have a real impact in terms of improving the quality of childcare.  The founders are passionate about improving outcomes for children by up-skilling. They are childcare professionals, utilising an ethos for lifelong learning."

The application certainly bears testament to the fact that using Dyalog, software development can be done ultra fast. Not a single line of code had been written until April 2008 - and by end of November the application won the Innovator 2008 Award. An achievement indeed worthy of acclamation.

At Dyalog we're all thrilled to bits that The Childcare Company has won this prestigious award and we send our warmest congratulations to all involved.

P.S. We have developed a case study in collaboration with the Childcare Company. you can read the article here.