News about Dyalog

Feb 22, 2010

Fully Verified Escrow Arrangement

Dyalog Ltd is pleased to announce that we have upgraded our escrow agreement with NCC Group to fully verified escrow.

More and more of our clients produce commercial software based on Dyalog and frequently meet demands from their clients to be able to guarantee that their software is maintainable is case of default anywhere in the chain.
The new type of escrow means that, in the unlikely event that Dyalog should be unable to continue to service our customers, not only will the source code be available to those of our customers who subscribe to the service but it will also be accompanied with a description of the software environment that is required and must be licensed to maintain Dyalog APL, including a copy of the full development environment.

Please see the joint brochure for information on NCC.

If you would like to discuss the feasibility of subscribing to the Escrow arrangement, please contact Dyalog.