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Jan 6, 2014

Winner of the poster competition announced

winning poster

During Dyalog '13 in Florida, we launched a poster competition with the aim of finding a compelling visual illustration of what makes APL exciting. We promised that the winner would receive a ticket for Dyalog '14 and the honour of having their submission added to the Dyalog documentation set. The competition brief stated that:

The idea is to intrigue the uninitiated to the point that they can't resist digging a little deeper until they're hooked! APL makes itself beautiful, but your mission – should you chose to accept it, is to make it fun, sexy and irresistible!

After much deliberation, Dyalog is delighted to announce that the Judges have selected the submission made by Diane L Hymas as the winner.

We would like to congratulate Diane on her winning entry and also take the opportunity to thank all who submitted ideas and visuals.

The poster will now go to our art-workers for tweaking before we start using it.