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The Carlisle Group was founded in 1990 to create software to support the fast growing mortgage and asset securitisation industry.

The Carlisle Group's flagship product is CAS, a Collateral Analysis System. CAS is a highly specialised software product for global asset securitisation markets and is used by participants in all facets of the mortgage business, including investment banks, commercial banks, accounting firms, bond insurers and loan originators. CAS is designed to allow business people to perform the complex data manipulation, reporting and analysis required to support securitisation transactions.

CAS has become the global standard for collateral analysis and is now used throughout the world's financial capitals by premier banking institutions.

Why does The Carlisle Group use Dyalog?

When converting CAS from DOS to Windows way back in 1995, we experimented with the available APL implementations and settled on Dyalog. At that time Dyalog was out in front with many enhancements to the core language and the APL environment. Over the years they have continued to outpace the competition, and have proven a superb choice as a long term partner in creating value for our customers. Some of the many reasons we continue to heavily invest in development using Dyalog are:

GUI Options

From built-in GUI objects to WinForms to WPF, Dyalog has provided a rich environment that allows us to mix and match techniques and to gradually move from one GUI framework to another. Despite the availability of newer technologies like WPF, and the ease with which they can be accessed via Dyalog, the built-in GUI objects of Dyalog are still extremely useful, and will be for many years to come.

Namespaces, Reference Arrays and 'dot' syntax

Dyalog Ltd's well-crafted and natural extensions to APL are a key component of our ability to compete successfully against much larger firms in the corporate software market. These features are invaluable for code management and GUI programming, and are indispensable for driving COM objects and servers that we take extensive advantage of, like .NET, ADO, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and the Microsoft Windows Scripting Host.

Object Orientation

Building on their pioneering work in namespace technology, Dyalog Ltd has implemented full object-oriented extensions into APL. In addition to giving us new ways to write and organise our code, this has proved to be a critical feature in delivering a scriptable, domain specific language in our products.