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InfoStroy Ltd. was established in St. Petersburg in 1990 with the vision of developing and marketing financial management software.

Since its inception, the company has used various APL interpreters for software application development. However, in the mid-1990s the company met the challenge of moving a number of complex APL-based applications to the Microsoft Windows operating system and quickly recognised that Dyalog was the second-to-none development environment for the migration. Dyalog's superb and fast capabilities, both for running complex analytical calculations as well as development of Graphical User Interface (GUI) was ideally suited for financial management software solutions.

Today InfoStroy Ltd. markets a series of software solutions for Asset Management.

With blue chip clients such as FC Troika Dialog, IG Capital and IB Trust (three of the five biggest Russian pension funds), InfoStroy Ltd. has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in the Russian market for financial management software and the company is constantly improving features and functionality in the software solutions they market in line with market requirements and client-specific demands.

Why does InfoStroy Ltd. use Dyalog?

InfoStroy Ltd. has used Dyalog since its inception. It is the development environment of choice for all our financial management software solutions because it is ideally suited to solve the complex and fast calculation requirements that all of our clients need.

Dyalog Ltd is far ahead of other APL vendors supplying Microsoft Windows/Linux/UNIX-based development environments. Dyalog is particularly well integrated with the Microsoft Windows environment, and Dyalog Ltd's ability to support new versions of Microsoft Windows is impressive. As an example, Dyalog already supported Vista just a few months after Vista was launched.

The nature of Dyalog enables us to focus on solving the business requirements of our clients instead of writing huge amounts of source code. We focus on developing complex, professional-looking, state-of-the art user interfaces and using Dyalog makes this very easy due to the very intuitive implementation.

The APL language dialect implemented in Dyalog is very sound. It has good performance, and many language enhancements have been implemented. Dyalog Ltd has understood how to focus on a continuous delivery of real improvements rather than "smart features", for example, by enabling Object Oriented Development and the continued effort the company is putting into a full integration with .NET.

The open nature of Dyalog allows easy interfacing to almost all modern industry standards such as DDE, OLE, DLL, COM and TCP/IP. This gives us the opportunity to select the best technology for a given task, while at the same time retaining all the benefits from being inside a Dyalog development environment.

The people in the team behind Dyalog are very skilled and they always act very professionally. This is why we consider Dyalog Ltd. to be an excellent partner.