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KCI Computing Inc is a veteran provider of financial management software. Our flagship product, CONTROL, provides leading-edge functionality for dynamic planning, reporting, consolidation and analysis for large-scale applications across a variety of industries, from aerospace and defence, to health care, financial services and manufacturing.

CONTROL's architecture takes advantage of market-leading relational databases to deliver enterprise-scalable capability. It can serve hundreds or thousands of users and span applications from expense budgeting to project-based sales and cash flow forecasting; from worldwide financial consolidations to Bill of Materials cost and capacity forecasting; from analysis of point of sales information to setting detailed production targets.

Customers choose CONTROL for its functionality, scalability and KCI's dedication to continual enhancement and customer service. Our clients include R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Raytheon Systems Company, Ingersoll-Rand, Procter and Gamble, Boeing, CMP Media Inc., Guess? Inc, PacifiCare Health Systems, World Savings and many others.

Why does KCI Computing use Dyalog?

KCI's technical strategy rests on 3 principles:

  • Open Architecture – allowing access to data, meta-data, and product functions from standard products and tools
  • Flexibility and Extensibility – providing us and our customers with the ability to support current and future needs
  • Optimal Tools – using the most efficient and robust tool for any given function

KCI uses a mix of development languages, including C++, C#, and VB.NET – Dyalog is used for the core computational engine. APL was chosen for this crucial part of the application because its dynamic array manipulation capabilities and intrinsic numeric computational power fit naturally with the multi-dimensional analysis requirements of financial planning and analysis. Dyalog was benchmarked and selected over all other commercially available APLs.

Dyalog delivers the following benefits to KCI and its clients:

  • Superior functionality, robustness, and performance of the APL interpreter
  • Compatibility and interaction with external environments, through ⎕NA functions, APs, TCP/IP support and OLE automation options
  • Cross-platform consistency between Microsoft Windows and UNIX environments
  • High quality error and exception handling
  • Outstanding development and debugging environment
  • Comprehensive, clear and complete documentation
  • Consistently sound and stable releases
  • Ongoing improvements to both performance and functionality

Apart from the competitive advantage KCI derives from the Dyalog product, we have been extraordinarily pleased in all our dealings with the Dyalog Ltd organisation. Dyalog Ltd has been highly responsive to requests for support and enhancements, has always been professional and has consistently delivered high quality at a reasonable cost.