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SimCorp Italiana was born in Milan in 1983 as a generalist software house. Soon after its foundation the company started to develop its first application for portfolio asset management, and in 1989 began the development of the first version of SimCorp SOFIA. Gradually the entire focus of the company was concentrated on this product.

SimCorp SOFIA is a flexible and integrated application solution for financial management that supports the entire process of decision making, administration, evaluation and control of investments. Its modular and flexible configuration allows SimCorp SOFIA to satisfy specific management, technical and organisational needs of all company functions involved in the processes of investment.

SimCorp Italiana's products and services are aimed towards all institutional investors responsible for the management and administration of financial assets through software solutions, in particular in the insurance, asset management, pension funds, administration services and financial intermediaries fields.

From the mid-1990s, all of the main Italian insurance groups have chosen SimCorp SOFIA to manage their assets. This contributed to the growth of SimCorp Italiana and consolidated its position as a market leader. The assets managed by customers using SimCorp SOFIA have exceeded €500 billion, distributed between companies that operate in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Ireland. The growth of SimCorp Italiana has seen the opening of new branches in Pistoia and Trieste and the establishment of APLVille, SimCorp Italiana's subsidiary company operating from Paris.

Why does SimCorp Italiana use Dyalog?

The APL programming language has been the main development instrument of the company's products since its foundation.

SimCorp Italiana chose APL as its programming language and technological base for its great adaptability and flexibility, its expressiveness and the rapidity of writing and re-writing, which make it the ideal instrument to get any solution into production very fast.

The APL language allows a rather large development team like that currently working in SimCorp Italiana to divide and distribute different tasks and projects among the programmers (all of whom are also domain experts) and then to easily share the results of their development process.

Thanks to these features, APL allows the development process to speed up, granting SimCorp Italiana the possibility of satisfying possible customers' needs and requirements as soon as possible and enabling them to work on the program while the users are using it.

Various interpreter producers of the APL language and its different dialects exist; SimCorp Italiana uses Dyalog by Dyalog Ltd. This choice is based on many of Dyalog's characteristics, such as the APL language dialect they implemented, which is very consistent and has good performance, its rich, neat and solid development environment, which is always linked to the current technological evolution and especially for its perfect integration with the Microsoft Windows environment.

Dyalog can be easily interfaced to almost all modern industry standards such as DDE, OLE, DLL, COM and TCP/IP, and is rich with built-in GUI objects, which make the development of a GUI easy and fast.

Dyalog provides also very good technical documentation and support thanks to its skilled and professional staff.

SimCorp Italiana is so satisfied with the Dyalog Interpreter that it has become the Italian distributor of this product.