Separately Licensed Products

Although Dyalog includes everything you need to write applications on most platforms, there is a collection of tools that are sold separately. Some of the products mentioned on this page are not included in the standard price list: if you do not find the prices you are looking for, contact us.

The Dyalog File Server (DFS)

Dyalog includes a high-performance "object store" capable of storing APL arrays. For use in enterprise applications, the DFS provides a secure, server-based version of the component file system (similar to SHAREFILE/AP or the STSC or IPSA component file systems from the mainframe era). The DFS includes remote management console and online backup/restore functionality.

The SQAPL Server

The SQAPL Server allows you to quickly turn your application into an ODBC, JDBC, ADO or ADO.NET data source – serving up data and real-time computations or data views in real time, without first exporting data to a traditional RDBMS. It is based on the Progress® DataDirect® OpenAccess™ SDK.

For more information on the SQAPL Server, see the Dyalog SQAPL Server Data Sheet.

The SQAPL Client

The ODBC client interface allows applications written in Dyalog to make full use of SQL databases to query, update, create and manage relational database tables. It is bundled with Dyalog under Microsoft Windows, and from Version 14.0 a version of SQAPL that supports unixODBC drivers is also bundled under Linux (Intel and ARM). A version of SQAPL that supports Progress DataDirect ODBC drivers is sold separately under Microsoft Windows, Linux and AIX.

For more information on the SQAPL Client, see the Dyalog SQAPL Interface Guide.

Progress DataDirect ODBC Drivers

The industry standard for Platinum ODBC driver database connectivity, the Progress DataDirect ODBC drivers deliver the fastest, most scalable application performance. We highly recommend these drivers for use with Dyalog (through the SQAPL Client interface).

NAG Libraries

The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) delivers trusted, high quality numerical computing software and high performance computing (HPC) services. An interface to NAG libraries is under development but not yet released – contact us if you would like to participate in testing a pre-release of the interface. The pre-requisite NAG libraries can either be purchased directly from NAG or from us.

SharpPlot Graphics

The SharpPlot graphics package is included with Dyalog on most platforms. A version of this package is also available in the form of a Microsoft .NET assembly and sold separately for use in applications written in other programming languages.