Syncfusion Controls: Examples Using APL

Syncfusion's WPF toolkit has its own documentation. However, the examples included in this documentation are in C#. To avoid every Dyalog user having to translate these into APL, there is an ongoing effort to establish a list of translations that APLers in the Dyalog community have performed and are happy to share.

NOTE: The translations included in the table below have not been tested/verified/approved by Dyalog Ltd – they are entirely the work of the credited person and cannot be guaranteed to be accurate. If you have a translation of a control that you would like to be included in this list, then please email

(The following list of Syncfusion Controls and APL translations was last updated 30 June 2017)


Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Cell Grid -
DataGrid -
Property Grid Property Grid (Pierre Gilbert)
Spreadsheet -
Tree Grid -

Data Visualisation

Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Barcode Barcode (Dick Bowman)
Bullet Graph -
Chart Column Chart (Dick Bowman)
Line Chart (Dick Bowman)
Pie Chart (Dick Bowman)
Diagramming -
Digital Gauge DigitalGauge (Dick Bowman)
Gantt -
Kanban -
Linear Gauge LinearGauge (Dick Bowman)
Maps -
Radial Gauge CircularGauge (Dick Bowman)
Range Navigator -
Rolling Gauge RollingGauge (Dick Bowman)
Scheduler -
Sparkline Sparkline (Dick Bowman)
Sunburst Chart -
Surface Chart -
Treemap -


Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Accordion -
Card View CardView (Dick Bowman)
Carousel Carousel (Dick Bowman)
Chromeless Window ChromelessWindow (Dick Bowman)
Docking Manager -
Document Container -
Grid Splitter -
Ribbon -
Tab Splitter -
Tile View TileViewControl (Dick Bowman)



Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Gallery Gallery (Dick Bowman)
Groupbar -
Hierarchical Navigator -
Menu MenuAdv (Dick Bowman)
Navigation Drawer -
Radial Menu RadialMenu (Dick Bowman)
Tab -
Tab Navigation -
Taskbar -
Toolbar -
Tree Navigator -
Treeview -


Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Busy Indicator BusyIndicator (Dick Bowman)
Notify Icon -
Hub Tile -

File Formats

Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
DocIO -
PDF Viewer PDF Viewer (Dick Bowman)
PowerPoint -
XlsIO XlsIO (Pierre Gilbert) / Zip (Pierre Gilbert)


Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Report Designer -
Report Viewer -
Report Writer -

Data Science

Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Predictive Analytics -

Business Intelligence

Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
OLAP Chart -
OLAP Client -
OLAP Gauge -
OLAP Grid -
Pivot Grid -


Syncfusion ControlExample APL Code
Calculate -
Clock Clock (Dick Bowman)
Magnifier Magnifier (Dick Bowman)
Overview -
QTP Add On -
Spell Checker -
Wizard -