Computational Libraries

The following tools provide an interface between Dyalog APL and other utilities/programs:

  • RConnect
    • Provides an interface to the R Project for Statistical Computing (a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics)
    • Supported on: Dyalog version 13.2 and later (all platforms)
    • R Interface Guide
  • pynapl
    • Many computational and analytical libraries have been written in the Python programming languages. pynapl is a bridge between Dyalog and Python, and allows APL applications to tap into the wealth of tools that exist for Python. Likewise, it allows Python applications to call any code written in APL and take advantage of the power of APL from Python.
  • Microsoft .NET Bridge
    • Under Microsoft Windows, Dyalog provides tight integration with the Microsoft .NET framework. This means that APL applications can make use of any libraries written in C# or other .NET languages. Code written in Dyalog can also be saved as a Microsoft .NET library and called from any language running on the Microsoft .NET framework.
  • Foreign Function Interface ⎕NA
    • Dyalog includes a general-purpose foreign function interface using the system function ⎕NA. This mechanism makes it possible to call any shared library written in C or other languages that produce C-style libraries.