Tools and Interfaces Catalogue

Most tools listed here are supplied and maintained by Dyalog Ltd, including tools in Dyalog's GitHub repositories (if you are not familiar with GitHub, there is some basic information at GitHub Basics). Tools from external GitHub repositories are maintained by their respective owners.


Tools marked with * are not included with installations of Dyalog. Instructions for obtaining these tools are included in their documentation.

Table of Contents

Application Development and Deployment

Windows IDE Write, run, and debug Dyalog applications using the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Microsoft Windows
RIDE The Remote Integrated Development Environment. The recommended IDE for non‑Windows desktops and for remote development and debugging.
Remotely connect to an interpreter over a network on any platform
TTY The original interface to Dyalog – a UNIX (or VT-100) style terminal session, with a fixed-size screen full of characters. The default interface for Linux.
An interactive APL REPL, editor, debugging tool, and more
Link Store APL source code in Unicode text files, rather than binary workspace files, and synchronise them with the active workspace. Allows you to use external editors and source code management tools.
*Docker Run Dyalog and deploy applications using Docker containers

Communication and Service Frameworks

ToolDescriptionMore Information
*Jarvis Expose APL functions as a JSON or REST web services
*HttpCommand Make HTTP requests to access web data and services
Conga TCP/IP communications library
*APLSSH Start and manage SSH sessions from APL using libssh2

External Data Management and Conversion

SQAPL Interface to ODBC data sources (SQL databases)
*vecdb A very simple column-store management system
⎕CSV Read data from CSV files and text as APL arrays; write APL arrays to CSV format and files
⎕JSON Convert between APL arrays and JSON text
⎕XML Convert between APL arrays and XML text
*XL2APL Import Microsoft Excel data from .xlsx files as APL arrays
*APL2XL Export APL arrays to Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) files
⎕MAP Treat files as APL arrays using memory mapping
loaddata.dws Example workspace with functions to load and save data from SQL, CSV, Excel and XML data sources
To load loaddata.dws, enter the following within a Dyalog Session:
  • )LOAD loaddata

External Language Interfaces and Standard Libraries

⎕NA Interface to compiled libraries (.dll, .so, .dylib, .a), for example those written in C/C++.
*RSConnect Interface between R and Dyalog
*Math Interface to LAPACK and FFTW to compute eigenvalues, eigenvectors and Fast Fourier Transforms
*Py'n'APL Bi-directional interface between Python and Dyalog
.NET The .NET interface supports .NET Framework and .NET Core.
Create and use instances of .NET classes.
Define new .NET classes in Dyalog that can be used from other .NET-supporting languages, for example, C#.
Microsoft OLE Automate Microsoft Office automation and interact with COM/ActiveX objects embedded within applications from Dyalog

GUI and Graphics

DUI The Dyalog User Interface. Successor to the MiServer web server framework.
Write GUI applications in APL and deploy them either as stand-alone applications using HTMLRenderer or serve them as websites and web applications accessible using a web browser.
sharpplot.dws Graphing library for data visualisation
*Selenium Interface Automate the use of web browsers using Selenium WebDriver
HTMLRenderer GUI object for rendering HTML, CSS and JavaScript using the Chromium Embedded Framework.
Create cross-platform graphical user interfaces.

Asynchronous Programming

Spawn The spawn operator (&) is a lightweight method to launch "green threads" for doing multiple time‑consuming (but not compute‑heavy) tasks in parallel
*Futures and Isolates Execute code in parallel CPU threads on one or more machines
*.NET Tasks The .NET Task class can be used directly from Dyalog through the .NET interface.

Process Management

APLProcess Launch and manage processes from within APL
aplservice.dws Template for running a Dyalog application as a Microsoft Windows service

APL System Migration

Workspace Transfer Exchange code between Dyalog and other APL systems
APLX Migration Tools Tools to help migrate from APLX to Dyalog