Tool and Interface Catalogue

A rapidly-growing collection of tools and code samples are available to help you become more productive when writing applications and to facilitate learning about the features of Dyalog. All of the tools mentioned below are supplied with APL source code.

The most important tools are included with a standard Dyalog installation. In some cases, tools are only available as a download from GitHub (GitHub Basics). These can be downloaded by following the link to the repository and then clicking on the "Clone or Download" button.

Changes over time can be viewed on the GitHub page for the project. For example, the changes for library-conga can be viewed in


To download the latest version of the code in your APL application:

  1. Open the project of interest.
  2. Click on .
  3. Click on the Download ZIP button in the dialog box that is displayed.


To participate in the development of a tool, or to fix an issue that you've spotted:

  1. Ensure that you have a GitHub account and are logged in.
  2. Open the project of interest.
  3. Click on .
    This takes a copy of the project to your account for you to work on. We recommend that you use a tool such as Atlassian SourceTree (unless you are already a seasoned Git user, in which case you already know what to do) – and "clone" the repository from there.
  4. Once you have made changes to your fork of the project, click on – this informs us that your changes are ready for us to review and include in the project.


If you have any issues whilst trying to make updates, please contact us – we're happy to talk you through the necessary process.

Note: By default, Microsoft Windows blocks access to downloaded Compiled HTML Help (.chm) files. To enable access, right-click on each downloaded .chm file in Microsoft Windows explorer, select Properties from the drop-down menu and click Unblock.


The following tools are included with a standard Dyalog version 18.0 installation:

APLProcess Launch and manage processes from within APL ]Load APLProcess
aplservice.dws Template for running a Dyalog application as a Microsoft Windows service )LOAD aplservice
Chart Wizard An interactive "Wizard" to help create SharpPlot charts ]Chart
Conga TCP/IP communications library )LOAD conga
FTP Client** A passive-mode FTP Client ]Load FtpClient
Graphics Create high-quality business and technical graphics and documents for publication )LOAD sharpplot.dws  
HttpCommand** Access web data and services using HTTP commands ]Load HttpCommand
HttpUtils** Compose and manipulate HTTP messages ]Load HttpUtils
Futures and Isolates Perform parallel and asynchronous computing )LOAD isolate
LoadData Load (and save) data from SQL, CSV, Excel and XML data sources )LOAD loaddata  
RConnect Integrate the R statistical package into APL applications )LOAD rconnect
SQAPL Interface to ODBC data sources (SQL database) )LOAD sqapl
Syncfusion WPF Syncfusion Libraries for Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation via ⎕USING
Workspace Transfer Exchange code between APL systems ]Out

* Activation applies in a standard Dyalog v18.0 installation
** The source of these can be found in the library-conga GitHub repository


The following tools are not included with a standard Dyalog installation, but can be downloaded from GitHub:

ToolDescriptionGitHub repositoryDoc.
aplssh Start and manage SSH sessions from APL using libssh2 aplssh  
APLX Tools to help migrate from APLX to Dyalog aplx
JSONServer RESTful/HTTP web service framework JSONServer  
Math Interface to LAPACK and FFTW to compute eigenvalues, eigenvectors and Fast Fourier Transformations Math
pynapl Call Python from APL, or APL from Python pynapl  
MiServer Web server framework MiServer
SAWS SOAP-based Web Service framework SAWS
Selenium Automated testing of web pages Selenium
Syncfusion JS Syncfusion libraries for JavaScript (included with MiServer) MiServer
vecdb A very simple column-store management system vecdb