Version 14.0 Presentation Tools

Dyalog is extremely pleased to have reached an agreement with Syncfusion, Inc, which allows Dyalog to bundle two state-of-the-art control libraries from with version 14.0:

These are stunning sets of enterprise class controls; a tour of the samples that can be found by following the links above is highly recommended.

Through our agreement with Syncfusion, a valid Dyalog licence includes the rights to use the Syncfusion components in all applications powered by the Dyalog interpreter, irrespective of the type of licence used (including educational licences). However, Dyalog Ltd strongly recommends that organisations who put the Syncfusion libraries into production use purchase at least one developer licence from Syncfusion at the discounted rate for the primary developer using the libraries.

Data Binding

Of particular interest to users of the WPF libraries, version 14.0 is able to share data held in arrays in your application workspace with Microsoft .NET components that support data binding – this includes most WPF controls. This means that you can directly control the properties of WPF controls by manipulating variables and have variables update automatically when a user enters data.

Tutorials and Tools to Come

We are working hard to provide tools and tutorial materials that focus on the use of Syncfusion libraries with Dyalog. While the libraries are immediately usable from Dyalog using the documentation provided by Syncfusion, we recognise that translating documentation written for other programming languages leaves a little to be desired.

A WPF and Syncfusion Tutorial is under preparation.

MiServer version 3.0 will include support for several Javascript controls from Syncfusion and demonstrate how to build support for others into your application. Pre-releases of MiServer 3 are expected to become available soon.

If you would like to participate in evaluating early copies of any of the above tools and documents, then please contact Dyalog.