Dyalog Version 14.0

Version 14.0 is the most significant update in recent history. Highlights include:

Faster Execution

  • Version 14.0 puts parallel processing at the fingertips of subject matter experts: any function call can be invoked in an isolate, immediately returning a future. This allows truly parallel versions of the each (¨), rank (), key () and outer product operators.
  • An extension of dyadic iota () allows you to perform direct lookups between multi-dimensional tables, even if they are stored in an "inverted" (columnar) format.
  • Enhanced performance for many widely used primitive functions, idioms and file system functions – several Beta testers have reported performance increases of between 10 and 30% on upgrading to version 14.0, and that is before taking advantage of any new language features.
  • Version 14.0 contains the first version of an experimental compiler/optimiser, which makes simple functional code run 1.5-2x faster on small arguments by reducing interpreter overhead.
  • More about v14.0 performance...

Faster Development

  • New core language features that allow you to express calculations more easily, producing code that runs faster than ever before. Many of the new features allow the use of more functional forms of expression, paving the way for parallel execution and compilation.

Less Storage Consumption and Network Traffic

  • Support for compressed file components and built-in data compression tools for use in your application.

Good Looks with Less Effort

  • State-of-the-art widget libraries for WPF and HTML5/JavaScript, developed by Syncfusion Inc, are available for use with applications written in APL.
  • Support for direct data binding between APL arrays and Microsoft .NET components that support data binding (such as most Windows Presentation Foundation controls).
  • More about v14.0 presentation features... 

Enhanced Integration with External Tools

  • An interface to the R statistical package, bundled with Dyalog under Windows and Linux.
  • A version of the SQAPL ODBC interface, which supports unixODBC drivers, is bundled with version 14.0 for Linux.

Visit the Documentation Centre to read the release notes and documentation for new interfaces and other components.