Dyalog for UNIX

The following features are currently unique to UNIX versions of Dyalog:

  • Built-in Keyboard support: Most Linux distributions released after mid-2012 have Dyalog keyboard support included with the distribution, for example, openSUSE 12.2, Ubuntu 12.10 and Fedora 17.
  • unixODBC support under Linux: From version 14.0, Linux versions include a version of the ODBC interface (SQAPL), which supports unixODBC drivers. On all UNIX platforms, ODBC support is available through DataDirect SequeLink drivers (requires additional licences).
  • Fast Decimal Floating-point: AIX versions have hardware decimal floating-point support when running on POWER 6 and later processors.

For more information about using Dyalog for UNIX, see the UNIX-specific documentation.