Quality Training for Better Results

Getting started with any new programming language can seem like a daunting task so we've tried to simplify this process for you. The following resources are free of charge and aimed at APL novices:

  • Mastering Dyalog APL by Bernard Legrand is a complete guide to the use of Dyalog, beginning with a thorough introduction to the APL programming language and progressing to worked examples. It can be downloaded for free or purchased in print.
  • The on-line tool TryAPL offers an interactive environment that allows users to play with simple APL expressions. It includes a tutorial mode in which various scenarios are explored.
  • The APL tutorial is an on-line system that takes a complete novice through the terminology, conventions and functionality of APL (not specific to Dyalog's dialect).
  • APL Cultivation is a StackExchange repository of text-based lesson transcripts.
  • The APL Orchard is a StackExchange chatroom for asking questions while learning APL.
  • Practice your command of the primitive functions/operators with the Year Game.

Advancing your Dyalog Knowledge

For users more familiar with APL, we have gathered a set of resources aimed at keeping you up-to-date with new developments and enhancements within Dyalog:

  • A complete documentation set is provided and regularly updated. Documents can be read on-line, downloaded as PDFs or purchased as printed manuals.
  • Numerous tools are available that can aid in the development and delivery of APL-based solutions.
  • The annual Dyalog user meeting provides a great opportunity to learn about Dyalog’s newest features. Here, attendees can participate in workshops and discuss potential enhancements with the Dyalog development team.
  • See the Resources portal for additional materials that may be useful while learning or using our products.