Dyalog in Education

Dyalog Ltd aims to expand the use of APL at schools and universities and promote it as a helpful resource for students and researchers. The development team is constantly looking to increase Dyalog's potential as a strong problem-solving tool in academic fields such as genetics, statistics, actuarial calculations, chemical equations and agriculture/forestry.

Basic Licences are available free of charge to those who meet the full terms and conditions.

Apply for a Basic Licence

Teaching Dyalog

In addition to the individual basic licences that are available to students free of charge, Dyalog can also be licensed to an institution for educational use. In this situation, the Basic Licence holder is responsible for making their students aware of the full terms and conditions.

Contact sales@dyalog.com for further information.

Student Competition

Dyalog Ltd is one of the sponsors of the annual international APL problem solving competition. This competition is open to full-time students at all levels anywhere in the world. Non-students are welcome to submit solutions, but only students who can prove enrolment are eligible for the prizes.